Monday, April 27, 2009

Women emancipation Movie in Cuba

I just watched a film in Cuban Television. It's an old movie with English subtitle to help non-Spanish viewers understand the whole story. Unfortunately, I don't know the title of the film because when I began watching it, it had been running.The film is very good. It depicts about the daily life of Cuban housewives who have to work hard at the factories and serve their families. The actress acts as Teresa whose husband works as a TV repairman. At home Teresa has to wake up early in the morning, preparing milk and giving it to her children.


At the same time she has to prepare breakfast for her family. Teresa, under the influence of revolutionary and communist thought, thinks that men have to also share the house chores. She sees the chores as part of slavery. After work, she participates in dancing rehearsal to compete against other dancing groups for international contest.

I admire this film because in Communist country like Cuba the emancipation of women is openly discussed. Women also need to have time outside the four side walls of their homes, socializing with friends, or participating in labor union. The state owned textile factory where Teresa is working at has increased the production target to around 20 million meters a year and women workers have to work in rotating shifts to reach the target. They also use this issue against their husbands to have more time outside of their homes instead of devoting all their time in the kitchen cooking and washing the dishes. Teresa's husband left her and met with another woman. Later he realized that he loved Teresa very much and was willing to return to his wife. He begged her to receive him again but she rejected him. She preferred to live as an independent woman.


In many countries, married women are still treated unfairly by their husbands. They have to work hard at home and do not have time to socialize with their friends.

This film teaches its viewers about how important it is to share the family chores. Washing the dishes, cleaning the room, sweeping the floor are chores that mainly done by women, Cuban communist party see them as a kind of slavery. They created the film to teach their citizens about the needs to share the family burden. Such film is not only good for Cubans but for all of modern people who respect and protect women's rights.

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