Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Traveling and Having Lunch with Friends in Malang and Surabaya

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

If I make a trip to Java, I will always have to visit Malang. I spent three years there working as Academic Coordinator of Englishland. It is an English school which I and Dewi founded on 8 August 2002. Many travelers come to Malang every year. The temperature of the city is cool. I like Malang. Tourists who want to go to Mount Bromo must stop in Malang for logistics and some rest.


My trip to Malang was for visiting former and new friends. They were staff of the English school. I and Dewi had lunch with them. These girls were young and smart. They are beautiful too. While eating our lunch, one of the staff took some pictures. Malang is a well-known educational city in Indonesia. I like the city very much. When I was still living in the city, I often went out with Dewi to enjoy dinner or lunch in restaurants. The price of food here is very cheap compared to similar menu people eat in big cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya. Maybe in the near future, I will fly to Malang again and continue my trip to other interesting places in Java.


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Unknown said...

I enjoy reading about your area of the world and like the pictures,as it is nice to learn about cultures.Jim S.