Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The number of Archicad users is rising in Indonesia

Archicad is an easy to use and powerful Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools that is getting more popular these days in Indonesia. This architectural software is especially produced by Graphisoft for architects or building designers. The latest release, Archicad 12, has many new features which are useful in accelerating the design process of a house or building. Features such as curtain wall, hotlink module management, and 3D document can be found in the latest release.


These features make Archicad more attractive compared to other similar BIM tools software. More students who study architecture in Indonesia learn Archicad. In addition, the representative of Graphisoft in Indonesia has opened training centers for those who want to study Archicad in many universities in Indonesia.

I often visit a home design consulting firm. Its name is Flexika. The company is located at the back of my house. Architects there have been using Autocad 2007 for years but they are now beginning to learn Archicad under the guidance of their senior home designer Mr. Eddy Rachmat. He has used Archicad for years. In his opinion, he can design houses and buildings fast. The process of the designing 2D and 3D documents can be done simultaneously with relatively free of errors.

The increasing number of Archicad users is also caused by the availability of Archicad books in many bookstores around the country. The architects who currently use Archicad hope that in the near future Graphisoft can add new features such as Archicad MEP and Archicad Structure in the next release of the software.


Indonesia is a country that is located in the path of "ring of fire". It is an imaginary ring that signifies the meeting of earth layers around the Pacific region. There are many volcanoes in the ring of fire. As a result, Indonesia and many other countries in the ring of fire often face tectonic and volcanic earthquakes. Architects in Indonesia must seriously analyze the structure of the building which they design to prevent structural failures after the building has been built. Also read: How to add column and beam to a house using Archicad of Graphisoft

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