Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snorkeling in Mansinam Island

Do you plan to go to Manokwari? Don't forget to visit the nearby Mansinam island. It takes only around ten minutes by "water taxi"  from Ketapang Boat Station to Mansinam.
White sandy beach near Doreri Guesthouse of Mansinam Island

Coral Reef Environment and Shipwrecks
Bring your snorkeling gear if you want to see the rich marine environment of the coral reef that thrive along the coast of the island. Surgeon fish, damsel fish, butterfly fish, parrotfish, anemone fish, are some of the tropical fish that you could see when you enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving in the island.
Table coral, mushroom coral and leather coral can be seen thriving in the waters around mansinam.There are  several shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea which can be seen by scuba divers.

Make sure that you do not stand on the coral and tease the marine animals.

Accommodation in Mansinam Island
If you want to spend several days exploring Mansinam island, you could stay at Doreri Guesthouse that is located on the southeastern side of the island just a minute walk to the beach.
Doreri Guesthouse in Mansinam Island
The standard rates
Overnight stay Rp. 550,000 approximately 37 Euros
Pick up service from the airport Rp. 150,000 or approx. 12 US dollars
Boat rent Rp. 500,000 per day
Bicycle rent Rp. 75,000 per day or approx. 6 US dollars
Snorkeling mask Rp. 50,000 or approx. 4 US dollars
If you want to travel in Manokwari city and its surrounding areas, you could also rent motorcycle or car from Doreri Guesthouse with the following rates:
Motorcycle Rp. 100,000 per day
Car Rp. 500,000 per day

Jogging and Nature Walk
Early in the morning, you could begin your day by jogging or walking along the concrete road that circles the island. Most part of Mansinam is still covered with tropical rainforest.

If you are an avid birders, bring your telephoto camera to take pictures of kingfishers, frigate birds and other water birds that live in the island.

Butterfly and Insect Watching
Butterflies, Beetles,grasshoppers and other tropical Insects can easily be spotted in the branches and twigs of flower plants and shrubs throughout the island.

If you are interested in visiting and staying in Mansinam island, please, contact me by email to:
This article is written by Charles Roring