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There are tens of guesthouses, locally called homestay, which visitors can choose when traveling around Raja Ampat. I try to put most of them into this website. Because they are scattered thoughout the archipelago, it will take time for me to list all of them here. I will do my best to update them regularly.
Accommodation in Raja Ampat typically is a house made of wood with thatched palm roof that is built at the beach. Most of the walls of bungalows are made of wooden planks or palm leaves. Guesthouse owners provide simple Indonesian squat toilet bowl or western styled seat toilet and shower.
Here are some of the homestays that are available in Raja Ampat. I will update the following list as more data about accommodation in Raja Ampat is available to me.
Wilson Homestay - Southern Waigeo
For visitors who like to watch Wilson's Bird of Paradise, the recommended site to stay is Wilson Homestay. It is located in the southern coast of Waigeo. Actually, it is being constructed at the moment. As of March 2020, there two rooms that have been built over water and two toilets on land. The furniture inside the bungalows has not been provided. So, visitors who want to stay in this unfinished house will have to sleep on the wooden floor of the homestay.
Wilson homestay in the south of Waigeo island
Wilson Homestay in Raja Ampat
The site for watching Wilson's Birds of Paradise is located deep in the forest. To watch them, visitors need to wake up early in the morning at 4.00 and do hiking for around 1 hour 30 minutes. There is a hut with wooden bench roughly made to accommodate up to 4 birdwatchers. 
In addition to Wilson's Bird of Paradise (Cicinnurus respublica) other birds which tourists may see during their visit to the homestay area are Common Paradise Kingfisher, Eclectus Parrot, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Red Bird of Paradise, Hook-billed Kingfisher, and etc. The lack of open area in the forest making it difficult to watch birds especially when visitors walk under the canopy of the forest.
Wooden bridge that connects the bungalow in Wilson homestay with land
The house reef in front of the homestay is very good and is abundant with marine life. Visitors who enjoy snorkeling can see surgeonfish, butterflyfish, pipefish, coral bream, parrotfish, grouper and etc. Because, the snorkeling gear is not provided by homestay owner, visitors need to bring their own mask, snorkel, and fins.


This very beautiful archipelago is located in the southern region of Raja Ampat. There are several homestays which visitors can choose to stay such as Harfat Jaya, Falafiah, Panun Paradise Homestay, Yalapale Homestay and etc.
This is a comfortable accommodation for visitors who want to stay in Misool islands for a few days. 

Berdikari Homestay - Yelu Island
This is an affordable accommodation for visitors who want to explore the southern region of Raja Ampat archipelago especially in Misool islands.
Berdikari Homestay in Misool islands of Raja Ampat
It is a good starting point for visitors who want to enjoy sightseeing and snorkeling tours to beautiful karst and coral reef sites in Misool. To book your room in the homestay, please, have a look at the google map of the homestay that is located in Yelu islands.
Visitors can go by passenger fast ferry boat from Sorong to Misool. The homestay itself is around 5 minutes walk from the harbor of Yellu.
Room = 400,000/ person/night (breakfast, lunch, dinner) - air conditioned.
Please, contact Eja by whatsapp: +62853 12381590

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