Saturday, February 29, 2020

Yengkawe Homestay

Yengkawe Homestay
For those who want a peaceful place where coral reef is the front yard and rainforest is the backyard,  the recommended place to choose is Yengkawe Homestay. The homestay is in a secluded white sandy beach with steep capes protect both of its left and right sides. Although it is close to Waisai town (the capital of Raja Ampat), there is no road that connects it with the town. It can only be accessed by speedboat. It is located in southern region of Waigeo island. The wooden bungalows are built on the water interconnected from one to another by a wooden bridge.
affordable homestaynin Waigeo
Yengkawe homestay in Waigeo island

Sightseeing, snorkeling, and birding tour in Raja Ampat
Yengkawe Homestay in southern region of Waigeo island - Raja Ampat
bedroom, toilet, dining room of Yengkawe homestay
Bedroom, toilet, dining room and shuttle speed boat
Marine Life
Coral Reef in the front waters of the homestay is in very good condition. It is a good place for visitors who like snorkeling to see various species of fish including Striped Surgeonfish, Orange Skunk Anemonefish, grouper, trevally, angelfish, moorish idol, and damselfish. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling as much as they like.
Marine Life in the front waters of Yengkawe homestay
Marine Life in front waters of Yengkawe homestay
Rainforest and Wildlife
Tropical rainforest that covers the hills behind the homestay is the natural habitat of birds, butterflies, beetles, soa-soa monitor lizards, and even boars. Red Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea rubra) can also be watched in the forest.
Red bird of paradise in the forest behind Yengkawe homestay
Red Bird of Paradise in the forest behind Yengkawe Homestay

Rates in Rupiahs
Room : Rp. 400,000/ person/ night
Shuttle boat between Waisai and Yengkawe Homestay Rp. 300,000 (one way). Boat capacity is 4 people.

Tours (boat capacity: 4 people)
  • To Piaynemo - Arborek - Pasir Timbul : Rp. 5,000,000/ speedboat
  • Pasir Timbul - Manta Point - Arborek (snorkeling): Rp. 3,500,000/ speedboat
  • Batu Pensil - Viewpoint of Wauyai and Kabui, Condom Cave of Raja Ampat : Rp. 3,800,000/ speedboat
  • Wayag: 15,000,000/ speedboat
Price my change anytime, do, please, contact the homestay owner for more updates.


If you are interested in staying in the homestay, Please, contact:
  • Daniel Mambrasar at this cell phone number: +62 813-8063-2896 (text message)