Monday, December 28, 2015

Snorkeling and trekking in Raja Ampat and mainland West Papua

Raja Ampat has got hundreds of islands with thousands of coral reef areas. They are scattered from Ayau islands in the north to Pele islands in the south. The marine bio-diversity was recorded by scientiests as the richest in the world. If we travel throughout Raja Ampat, we will see that the scenery above the water is as beautiful as the one under the water. That's why this archipelago attracts thousands of visitors every year.
Raja Ampat in the morning
As a tour guide, I can organize a holiday trip for you to Raja Ampat where you can enjoy snorkeling over many of its coral reef and then trekking and wildlife watching in the jungle of mainland West Papua. It will be a 9-day trip for anybody who is interested in exploring the unique environment of marine life and tropical rainforest. The minum number of participants is 4 and the maximum is 8 people.
You need a good snorkeling set to see the tropical fish and marine animal that live in coral reef. There are thousands of fish species that you can see underwater from a small damsel fish and butterflyfish to a giant whaleshark. Please, consider buying the following book: Reeffish Identification - Tropical Pacific.

In the first part of the trip, we will visit several islands of Raja Ampat from the Waigeo, to Gam, Kri, Mansuar, and Piaynemo and then to Kabui bay by boat. After that we will return to Sorong city to continue our trip into the jungle of Klasow valley. Walking in the jungle, we will be able to watch sulphur crested cockatoo, blyth's hornbill, and lesser birds of paradise. Tropical rainforest is a unique environment that is worth seeing by visitors are nature lovers.
Please, contact me by email: if you want to book for the tour.
Also read my article: Raja Ampat Tour for further information

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jungle Tour in Sorong of West Papua

I have been organizing tours for tourists to tropical rainforest of  Sorong regency since last year. The destination is Klasow valley located approximately two hours by 4WD car and 2 hours walk through tropical jungle to reach a village in the valley.
a Swiss tourist with the background of
tropical jungle of Klasow valley
So far most of the guests who visited the valley were from western countries such as the United States, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany and etc. Some came as a single travelers while others came as couples or as groups of three up to six people. More visitors are coming as more information is uploaded into the internet about the Klasow valley and Tambrauw mountains.
The Rainforest
The plants that grow in Klasow valley are typical vegetation that is usually found in the lowland and coastal area of New Guinea. Big trees such as ficus, large conifer Agathis, and iron wood, and various species of palms live side by side with rattan and other vines or climbing plants.
There are also sago trees which the indigenous people process to make flour. Sago is the staple food of Moi tribe who live in the region.
Wildlife Watching
Tourists go to Malagufuk village of Klasow valley to see the rich bio-diversity of tropical rainforest that is the natural habitat of wallaby (a kind of small ground kangaroo, bandicoot, cassowary, wild pigs, sulphur crested cockatoo, goliath cockatoo, blyh's hornbill, goshawk, kingfisher, golden myna, dollar bird, pinon imperial pigeon and a lot of other birds. Colorful butterflies can also be seen in the area too. Birdwatching can usually be done from mornings until evening. Nocturnal bird such as Papuan Frogmouth can sometimes be heard calling from distant trees. At night, jungle walk can be carried out to see wallaby.

Where to stay
Most of the tourists who visited Klasow valley stayed in a small guesthouse built by the villagers of Malagufuk. It is made of wood and covered with palm roof. There is clean water installation and a simple toilet.

Cost: On the average the cost is 5 million rupiahs per person for 3 days/ 2 nights traveling. It includes transportation by 4WD car, local guide, food, and basic accommodation in the jungle village.

Please, contact my email: for detailed info about the tour.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Wildlife Tour in Lowland Rainforest Sorong Regency

From 14 to 16 November, I had a special guest from the USA. Her name was Shreeya. She was a 12 year old girl who took a long flight with her father from San Francisco of the USA to Singapore, to Manado and finally landed in Sorong city. I met them at the airport and arranged their transfer to the rainforest of Klasow valley. We spent 3 days exploring the tropical jungle of Sorong lowland region in search of birds of paradise, and other wild animals of West Papua. Her father, Rad, told me that Shreeya would make an article about birds of paradise for her school assignment. That's why she was very interested in watching the birds in their natural habitat.
Grey-headed Goshawk
We really enjoyed the birding and wildlife tour in the forest. Birds were not the only animals that we could watch in the village. We were lucky to see a Monitor Lizard that was crawling on a fallen tree just outside the village and a large varieties of butterflies. Some of them belong to the genera of Ornithoptera or birdwing butterflies. 
Children from Malagufuk village
We left Klasow valley in the morning of 16 November 2015 for Swissbel hotel of Sorong town. They would continue their trip by speedboat to Papua Paradise Eco Resort in Raja Ampat. It was a nice nature trip for all of us including the villagers. I hope that more visitors would be interested in visiting the jungle village of Malagufuk in Sorong regency.
During the wildlife and rainforest tour in Klasow valley, we were able to spot Lesser Birds of Paradise, and Twelve Wired Paradise Bird at some display trees near Klasow river. It was my first experience spotting the twelve wired bird. Besides watching the birds, we did a night walk to find wallaby. We saw two of them. The trees that grow in the vicinity of Malagufuk village were our favorite birding targets for the whole duration of our wildlife tour in Sorong regency. We saw Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Blyth's hornbills, Friarbird, Drongo, Golden Myna, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Dollarbird, and a lot more.
On our final day of staying in the forest, I was able to spot a young Grey-headed Goshawk (Accipiter poliochepalus) that landed on a branch of a tree near our guesthouse. It was there for several minutes and I was able to take some pictures of the bird.
Please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to: to book your rainforest tour in lowland forest of Sorong regency. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rainforest Tour organized from Sorong Town

Trekking in the forest of Sorong regency of West Papua
I often receive emails from visitors who want to go trekking in the rainforest near Sorong town. Usually they want to combine their diving trip in Raja Ampat with jungle tour in the mainland New Guinea particularly near Sorong city.
I can organize a land tour or jungle tour to several destinations in West Papua.
  • For visitors who only have got 2 to 3 days in Sorong, the destination that I offer is Klasow valley. 
  • If they have got more than 3 days, the rainforest that I will offer is Tambrauw mountains (lowland forest along Syuan river or pristine forest in Ases valley).
Klasow Valley
This valley is only 1 hour away from Sorong town and another hour on foot to reach the jungle village of Malagufuk. Visitors who book the tour to Klasow valley can start the tour early in the morning. Wild animals that live in the valley are wallaby, cassowary, deer, wild pigs, soa-soa, and various species of birds including lesser birds of paradise, blyth's hornbills, sulphur crested cockatoo, western crowned pigeon, golden myna, yellow faced myna and a lot more. Visitors are advised to bring D-SLR camera with telephoto lens or a bridge camera with super telephoto capability such as Nikon Coolpix P900. The rainforest of Klasow valley is flat. So, it is suitable for anybody who cannot go trekking in sloppy mountains.

Tambrauw Mountains
Camping site in the jungle of Tambrauw mountains
This is the destination for visitors who have got more than 3 days to spend in the jungle. Tambrauw mountains are covered by huge tropical rainforest from its coastal area up to the mountainous regions. For coastal region, the usual destination where I bring my guests to is Syuan river. It is suitable for camping and trekking. Tents will be built at the bank of the river. During the tour, visitors can enjoy swimming and birdwatching as well as learning the medicinal functions of herbal plants that grow in the jungle.
Another destination in Tambrauw mountains is Ases valley. To reach the valley, visitors need to go by a 4WD car for 6 hours. After that the trip will be continued on foot for 2 hours. Deers, wallaby, cassowary bird, tree kangaroo, and a lot of species of birds live in the valley.
Western Crowned Pigeon in
the jungle of Klasow valley
As a tourist guide I have arranged a lot of rainforest trips for visitors who want to explore the tropical jungle of West Papua for several days. That's why I have got tents, air mattresses, rechargeable lights, cooking, eating, and other logistical gear that are needed for the tour. I also have contacts with local villagers and 4WD car drivers that I need to organize a jungle tour or expedition.
So, if you are interested in taking a rainforest tour that is organized from Sorong town, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trekking and Camping in the Rainforest of Tambrauw Mountains

Starting from this year, I offer tours to Tambrauw mountains. Most of the activities are trekking, camping, swimming, and exploring the forest to know more about its wild animals and herbs. Tambrauw regency has got a lot of coastal areas that covered by coral reef where visitors can enjoy snorkeling particulary from April to September.
Rainforest tour in Tambrauw mountains can be done for at least 4 days/ 3 nights or longer. As a tourist guide, I can arrange tours for you to the tropical jungle in coastal area or in mountainous region. 
Our Camp Site in the jungle of Tambrauw Mountains

During the tour you will walk through the jungle that is the natural habitat of blyth's hornbill, sulphur crested cockatoo, lesser birds of paradise, cuscus possum, wild pigs, and deer. You can swim in the crystal clear water of the river and enjoy sunbathing while reading your favorite novel.
To book your rainforest tour in Tambrauw mountains, please, contact me by email to: for customized itinerary and price.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Surf Expedition in Manokwari

I just want to share this info to all of you:
We are going to conduct surf expedition along the north and south coastline of Manokwari from 15 to 21 December 2015. There are a lot of unexplored surf spots in the region. We now open the registration for everybody who is interested in participating in this expedition.
Please, bring your own surfboards and make sure that you arrive in Manokwari city before 15 December.

Surf Expedition in West Papua's capital of Manokwari

Wavesurfing Expedition in Manokwari of West Papua

How to get there?
  • Fly from your country to Jakarta.
  • And then, take a domestic flight to Manokwari city. Indonesian airlines such as Sriwijaya Air, Garuda, Lion Air and Express Air have got regular flights to Manokwari. There are passenger liners from PELNI that regularly sail between Jakarta and Manokwari (Please, check for schedule and ticket price)
  • We will meet you at the airport or ship harbor.
When the expedition is conducted near Manokwari city, participants will stay in a hotel or guesthouse. However, the coastline is in the south and along the north of Manokwari is very long. So, participants will need to stay in remote areas where there are no hotels or guesthouses. We will build tents for the expedition.
Cost: 4 million rupiahs (approximately 260 Euros). The cost includes transportation between Manokwari and the surf spots, accommodation and food.
For registration and further info, please, contact: 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

West Papua Surf Expedition in Manokwari Coast

Abasi Surfing is going to conduct surf expedition along the north and south coastline of Manokwari from 15 to 21 December 2015. There are a lot of unexplored surf spots in the region. We now open the registration for everybody who is interested in participating in this expedition.
Please, bring your own surfboards and make sure that you arrive in Manokwari city before 15 December.

How to get there?
Fly from your country to Jakarta.
And then, take a domestic flight to Manokwari city. Indonesian airlines such as Sriwijaya Air, Garuda, Lion Air and Express Air have got regular flights to Manokwari.
We will meet you at the airport or ship.
When the expedition is conducted near Manokwari city, participants will stay in a hotel or guesthouse. However, the coastline in the south and along the north of Manokwari is very long. So, participants will need to stay in remote areas where there are no hotels or guesthouses. We will build tents for the expedition.

Cost: 4 million rupiahs (approximately 260 Euros). The cost includes transportation between Manokwari and the surf spots, accommodation, food, and contribution to local indigenous people whose land or beaches we stay and surf at .
The cost does not include any personal expenses and travel insurance.
For registration and further info, please, contact: and visit

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Snorkeling in the Northern Coast of Manokwari

I went snorkeling with a staff of Social Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia this morning. We went to Bakaro beach in the northern coast of Manokwari. The sea had some higher swells but it was relatively calm after we were 100 meters away from the beach. The visibility was very good and I was able to take some nice pictures of the coral reef and the fish.
Coral reef in Manokwari waters
The recommended months to enjoy snorkeling in the northern coast of Manokwari are from April, May and June to September. After that the sea will be too rough for snorkelers but will be more suitable for wave surfers in certain places.
Hard corals in Manokwari waters
My guest that morning was Alex. He went to the beach we left Manokwari city for Bakaro beach at approximately 07.30 and enjoyed snorkeling for around 2 hours. We did not scuba dive. So, it is safe to fly at the same day. But we have to observe our time during the snorkeling tour. I did not want him to be late because he had to return to the city to pack his things up and head to the airport at 13.00.
As a tour guide, I frequently have to check my timepiece to make sure that all activities whether they are in the water or in the jungle with program schedule. I need an affordable watch that is durable and accurate. My favorite one is Tissot 870/970. It has got elegant slim design with gold like coating but sturdy enough to withstand adverse weather condition. For daily activities in the city, I don't wear my Tissot watch. I prefer to see the time from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 watch feature. So, in normal days, I don't wear watch. Today there are numerous watches available on the internet which anybody can order.
As a tour guide, I usually provide rainforest as alternative activities for visitors who come in October, November until February and March.
I will guide tourists in Tambrauw mountains in October for a 3-day rainforest camping tour in the regency. So, if you also have a plan to visit West Papua for land tour, please, contact me by email to:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Camping Tour for Nature Lover in the Rainforest of Tambrauw Mountains

Our dome tents at the bank of Cuan river
Rainforest Camping Tour Package
Destination   : Lowland Rainforest in Tambrauw Regency in Syuan River
Availability   : All year round
Duration: 4 days/ 3 nights
Prices : Please, email us to: for prices and customized trips.

Jungle Walk:
I offer had a 4-day/3-night camping tour in the rainforest of Tambrauw regency.
During the tour, participants will be able to see the bio-diversity of rainforest ecosystem. There are tourists who said that it is their first experience of camping in the jungle. So, it becomes an unforgetable journey. I seems scary to stay in the jungle but for most nature lovers, it is a great opportunity to see rainforest ecosystem by their own eyes.
Suphur crested cockatoo in the jungle of Tambrauw mountains
The sounds of water flowing in the river, the singing of birds and insects, the swaying of branches and twigs blown by the wind were our natural music during the tour. There were several indigenous Papuan people from the nearby village who will accompany us. They will carry our logistics that we need during our tour in the jungle. They usually catch shrimp and fish in the river, pick some vegetables in the garden and jungle. Some women will also cook food for us. 
We will build 3 to 4 tents at the bank of Cuan river in the lowland forest of Tambrauw mountains. Tourists can swim in the crystal clear water of the river. We will walk deeper into the jungle. The land on both sides of the river is flat so, it is not difficult for tourists to walk in the jungle. 
Eupholus schoenherri beetle from the forest of Tambrauw mountains
Most of the land of Tambrauw regency is still covered by pristine tropical rainforest which is the natural habitat of various species of animals and plants. During our previous camping tour, we saw a lot of birds including sulphur crested cockatoo, Blyth's hornbill, friarbird, egrets, eagles, and pigeons. 
I also took some nice pictures of Eupholus schoenherri's beetle. I saw it on the walking path. I thought it was dead so, I picked it up and put it on the leaf of a plant. Seconds later it started to walk slowly. The beetle had beautiful turquoise, black banded, and blue colors.
approximate location of Cuan river as a recommended destination of
nature lovers who want to stay in tropical rainforest
Cuan river is located near Sausapor town of Tambrauw regency.

Where is Sausapor and How to there?
If you look at the map, Sausapor is located in the northern coast of West Papua between Sorong city and Manokwari city.

  • To get there, you need to fly from your country to Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia. 
  • And then you need to continue your trip by taking a domestic flight from Jakarta to Sorong city. 
  • I will meet you at the airport in Sorong city or at the hotel where you stay and organize your trip to Tambrauw regency

If you are interested in taking this rainforest camping tour, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Snorkeling in Sausapor of West Papua

reef fish in Tambrauw regency
Sausapor is a small town in the northern coast of West Papua. It can be reached by car or by passenger boat from Sorong town. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity of snorkeling in the waters of Sausapor. The coral reef in this area is still in very good condition. I saw various species of damselfish, surgeon fish, and nudibranch. I used an underwater camera to shoot them. Here are some of them.
To encourage town dwellers of Sausapor to preserve their coral reef, I and some of the eco-tourism enthusiasts are now promoting it on the internet as snorkeling destination.
Coral reef in Sausapor town
In early August 2015, I successfully brought one tourist from Luxembourg to enjoy snorkeling in Sausapor waters. Although the number of foreign tourists is still small, I strongly believe that this will increase in the coming months.
Eco-tourism will only be successful if local people support the program. The main goal is to provide jobs to local people and at the same time preserve the rainforest and marine environment. It will take some time before the regency can be seen as a major tourist attraction in West Papua but with a hard works, this can be realized.

Where is Sausapor?
Look at the following map. Sausapor is a small town approximately 6 hours by passenger boat or 4 hours by 4WD car from Sorong city. It is the temporary capital of Tambrauw regency. The real capital of Tambrauw is Fef but it is being built at the moment. So, it is not finished yet.
If Raja Ampat is famous for its marine tourism, Tambrauw regency with its huge areas of mountains, rivers, valleys, and tropical rainforest has got a lot of potentials to be developed as an important destination for rainforest tourism.
Activities in rainforest tourism may include camping, trekking or hiking, mountain climbing, swimming in the river, white-water-rafting, insect and butterfly-watching, birdwatching, wildlife and forest tour as well as cultural interaction with local people. There are still other activities that are related to rainforest and the indigenous people.
Visitors who are interested in traveling to Sausapor can combine their snorkeling trip in several coral reef areas of the regency with rainforest trekking, camping and wildlife watching tour in at least 4 days/ 3 nights program.
Please, contact me by email to: if you are interested in going to Sausapor town or Tambrauw regency as a whole.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wildlife Tour in Tambrauw Regency

Sujak river in Tambrauw Mountains of West Papua
I have just returned from my exploratory Wildlife Tour in Tambrauw regency. I went trekking along the bank of a river and then enjoyed snorkeling in the waters of Sausapor the next day.
Tambrauw regency is located between Sorong and Manokwari. Its land is mostly covered with tropical rainforest and its sea waters have got coral reef areas that are suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. The beaches of Tambrauw are the natural nesting grounds for several species of turtles including green turtle, hawksbill, olive ridley, green, and the leatherback turtles that are now facing extinction.
The capital of Tambrauw is Fef. It is located deep in the remote area of Tambrauw mountains. Fef is the gateway for everybody who is interested in exploring the Tropical Rainforest of New Guinea.
Orange Anemonefish (Amphiprion sandaracinos) in the waters of Tambrauw 
Visitors who are interested in taking a wildlife tour in Tambrauw regency can go trekking in the jungle to see rainforest that is the natural habitat of cuscus possum, wallaby, wild pigs, cassowary, and other various species of birds including sulphur crested cockatoo, Blyth's hornbill, Yellow faced myna, pinon imperial pigeon, and etc.
While walking in the jungle, we can see plants which local people us to make bow and arrows, string bags, and build their houses. There are also a lot of medicinal plants in the jungle which the indigenous people usually use every day.
Anemone and some tropical fish in the waters of Tambrauw regency
In addition to rainforest tour, the trip to Tambrauw regency can be combined with snorkeling tour along the northern coast of West Papua where its coral reef areas are the natural habitat of such tropical fish as striped surgeon fish, anemone fish, parrot fish,  butterfly fish, turtles, and etc.
Because the coastline is facing the Pacific Ocean, the snorkeling tour can only be done in April, May, June, July, August and early September. Don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear.

If you are interested in wildlife tour in Tambrauw regency and need me to organize your trip (local guides, transportation, food, accommodation, camping gear, boats and other logistical needs) and be your trekking and snorkeling guide, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Visiting Sansapor in New Guinea

Sansapor was one of the landing points of US forces in Netherlands New Guinea in their fight against Japanese forces during World War II. From June to August 1944, US troops landed and constructed airfields in the area including in Middleburg island, in Amsterdam island, and in Mar village of the mainland New Guinea. The picture below shows the two islands which are now called Pulau Dua. In Malay or Indonesian language, Pulau means Island and Dua means Two.
Dua islands (formerly called Amsterdam and Middleburg islands near Sausapor town of Tambrauw regency - West Papua

From 18 to 21 May 2015, I made an exploratory trip to Sausapor (as it is called now) and its surrounding areas. My goal was to assess whether the town and its nearby villages could be promoted as destination of foreign tourists. Sausapor has developed from a small village in 1940s into a small coastal town of Tambrauw regency.
My trip to Sausapor was also part of an initial visitation for the annual traditional event of Turtle Calling Ritual that will be conducted on 25 June 2015 at Jamoersba beach of the region. So, if you read this post and are interested in attending the event to watch leatherback turtles land on the beach to lay eggs, do fly to Sorong city before 23 June 2015. I will try to arrange transfer for you to Sausapor town.
US tank wrecks in the jungle of Werbes near Sansapor of New Guinea
During my land tour in the region, I was able to visit the former airfield of Mar that has been reconstructed by the local government of Tambrauw regency for civilian purposes.
I also had a chance to explore the tropical rainforest near Werbes village where local people said that there are still some tank wrecks left by US troops in two adjacent locations of the jungle. In total there were around ten of them. They became a silent evidence of US presence in the region 71 years ago.
Sausapor and its surrounding environment is a suitable destination for tourists who are interested in hiking, camping, snorkeling, birdwatching and wildlife watching.

How to get to Sansapor?
  • First contact me by email to: or by sending text message to my cell phone: 006281332245180
  • Second, fly to Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia) and then take a domestic flight to Sorong city. From Sorong city, you can continue your trip by passenger ship MV. Sunlia or by  MV. Ave Maria from Pelabuhan Rakyat (meaning People's harbor) to Sausapor. The ship usually leaves at night at 22.00 and arrives in Sansapor or Sausapor at 04.00.
  • From the town, you can explore its forest, rivers, beach, and the nearby islands?

Sausapor and other villages in Tambrauw regency are not a touristic region. You might find yourself as the only tourist in town or village. So, next time when you plan to have a summer holiday, consider Sansapor as your destination :-) this article was written by Charles Roring, email:

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Watching Leatherback Turtle in Tambrauw regency of West Papua

Leatherback turtle
Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)  is one of the largest turtles in the world. This endangered animal is facing extinction due to continuous hunting for its eggs, suffocation from drifting plastic bag that it considers as jelly fish and other natural predators in its early age.
To raise awareness about the importance of protecting turtles, I offer turtle watching trips to the beach where turtles usually land to lay eggs. This will be a very long trip to a remote region in the coastal area between Manokwari and Sorong city. The name of the beach is Jen Womom. There are also other turtles such as Hawksbill, Green Turtle and Olive Ridley.
How to get there?
  • First fly from your country to Jakarta city.
  • After getting Visa On Arrival, continue your trip to Sorong city by flying with Garuda, or Sriwijaya Air, or Express Air
  • Make sure that you arrive in Sorong city. I will meet you at the airport or at the hotel where you stay and organize your trip to Jen Womom beach.
Other Activities
In addition to watching turtles, we could enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and island hopping in the regency to see coral reef, tropical fish, colorful birds, butterflies, and unique plants of rainforest.
I suggest that visitors bring their own snorkeling gear such as mask, snorkel and flippers.
For birdwatching, a good pair of binoculars and a spotting scope will be useful.
Other important devices that visitors need are camera for land tours and underwater camera for water sport activities.
Torch or flash light will be needed at night. 
Tambrauw regency has got a lot of tourist attraction. Some of them are wave surfing, trekking, and birdwatching.
If you are interested in visiting Tambrauw regency, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to: or cell phone: 006281332245180

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Trekking and Watching Tree Kangaroo in Arfak Mountains

I went trekking to Arfak mountains last week. I visited a a hamlet located deep in the jungle with a population of only three families. It took around 9 hours walking up and down steep slopes of the mountain range to reach the hamlet whose surrounding environment was still in pristine condition.

Tree Kangaroo in the jungle of Arfak mountains
At an elevation of 1,000 meters above sea level inside pristine rainforest, the mountain range of Arfak mountains is an ideal place for nature lovers who are interested in watching tree kangaroo. So far there are two species that have been photographed by the tourists but the villagers said there are three species in the jungle. To take picture of the kangaroo, visitors need to bring D-SLR camera with telephoto lenses or a bridge camera with super telephoto capabilities such as Nikon P600, Nikon P900 or Canon SX60hs.

Wild Life
Tree kangaroo is not the only animal that we can see in this pristine forest of Arfak range. There are also other animals such as cuscus possum, and various species of birds of paradise and wild pigs.
If you are interested in trekking Arfak mountains of Manokwari regency of West Papua, please, contact me (Charles Roring) by email to: or send text message to my cell phone: 006281332245180.

Trip report:
Trekking and watching Tree Kangaroo in Manokwari

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Koroway Tribe in South Papua

I have just completed my trip to southern region of Papua. I visited the indigenous people of Koroway tribe who lived in the wetland.
Here I was sitting in the tree house of Koroway tribe
The people of Korowai or Koroway build their traditional houses on high poles or in tall trees. Those who live in the jungle still wear traditional costume (very minimum clothing or almost naked). They hunt wild animals such as boars, kangaroo, casowary bird, cuscus and soa-soa using bows and arrows, and spears as their traditional weapons. They also like to catch fish in the river using sharp pointed arrow or fish traps.
a Koroway man and his children
Most of their dwellings are located near a river and sago trees. They processed the pith from the trunk of sago tree to make flour. It is their main staple food.
The traditional tree house of Koroway that was constructed in high trees
The indigenous people of Koroway tribe is considered to be the only human being who still live in trees. The trip to Koroway is suitable for nature lovers, naturists or anyone who want to know how to survive in the jungle.
some girls of Koroway with their grandmother
If you visit the Koroway tribe, you can learn how to survive in the jungle with the Koroway way such as how to make fire using very simple tools, how to find sago worms and cook them, how to use bow and arrow to shoot a target, how to catch fish and how to expel mosquito while sleeping naked in the jungle. Because, I was a guest I had to adapt with their lifestyle. I also hope that visitors or solo traveler who goes to Koroway land does the same thing.
When swimming in the river, ask the local people for the safe spot. This is important so that you will not become the target of crocodiles.
Visitors from all corners of the world go to Koroway land to see their tree houses or experience their traditional lifestyle. If you are interested in visiting Koroway tribe and need me to be your private guide, please contact me by email to: You need at least 2 weeks to do the trip.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snorkeling in Mansinam Island

Do you plan to go to Manokwari? Don't forget to visit the nearby Mansinam island. It takes only around ten minutes by "water taxi"  from Ketapang Boat Station to Mansinam.
White sandy beach near Doreri Guesthouse of Mansinam Island

Coral Reef Environment and Shipwrecks
Bring your snorkeling gear if you want to see the rich marine environment of the coral reef that thrive along the coast of the island. Surgeon fish, damsel fish, butterfly fish, parrotfish, anemone fish, are some of the tropical fish that you could see when you enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving in the island.
Table coral, mushroom coral and leather coral can be seen thriving in the waters around mansinam.There are  several shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea which can be seen by scuba divers.

Make sure that you do not stand on the coral and tease the marine animals.

Accommodation in Mansinam Island
If you want to spend several days exploring Mansinam island, you could stay at Doreri Guesthouse that is located on the southeastern side of the island just a minute walk to the beach.
Doreri Guesthouse in Mansinam Island
The standard rates
Overnight stay Rp. 550,000 approximately 37 Euros
Pick up service from the airport Rp. 150,000 or approx. 12 US dollars
Boat rent Rp. 500,000 per day
Bicycle rent Rp. 75,000 per day or approx. 6 US dollars
Snorkeling mask Rp. 50,000 or approx. 4 US dollars
If you want to travel in Manokwari city and its surrounding areas, you could also rent motorcycle or car from Doreri Guesthouse with the following rates:
Motorcycle Rp. 100,000 per day
Car Rp. 500,000 per day

Jogging and Nature Walk
Early in the morning, you could begin your day by jogging or walking along the concrete road that circles the island. Most part of Mansinam is still covered with tropical rainforest.

If you are an avid birders, bring your telephoto camera to take pictures of kingfishers, frigate birds and other water birds that live in the island.

Butterfly and Insect Watching
Butterflies, Beetles,grasshoppers and other tropical Insects can easily be spotted in the branches and twigs of flower plants and shrubs throughout the island.

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This article is written by Charles Roring