Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Snorkeling in Sausapor of West Papua

reef fish in Tambrauw regency
Sausapor is a small town in the northern coast of West Papua. It can be reached by car or by passenger boat from Sorong town. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity of snorkeling in the waters of Sausapor. The coral reef in this area is still in very good condition. I saw various species of damselfish, surgeon fish, and nudibranch. I used an underwater camera to shoot them. Here are some of them.
To encourage town dwellers of Sausapor to preserve their coral reef, I and some of the eco-tourism enthusiasts are now promoting it on the internet as snorkeling destination.
Coral reef in Sausapor town
In early August 2015, I successfully brought one tourist from Luxembourg to enjoy snorkeling in Sausapor waters. Although the number of foreign tourists is still small, I strongly believe that this will increase in the coming months.
Eco-tourism will only be successful if local people support the program. The main goal is to provide jobs to local people and at the same time preserve the rainforest and marine environment. It will take some time before the regency can be seen as a major tourist attraction in West Papua but with a hard works, this can be realized.

Where is Sausapor?
Look at the following map. Sausapor is a small town approximately 6 hours by passenger boat or 4 hours by 4WD car from Sorong city. It is the temporary capital of Tambrauw regency. The real capital of Tambrauw is Fef but it is being built at the moment. So, it is not finished yet.
If Raja Ampat is famous for its marine tourism, Tambrauw regency with its huge areas of mountains, rivers, valleys, and tropical rainforest has got a lot of potentials to be developed as an important destination for rainforest tourism.
Activities in rainforest tourism may include camping, trekking or hiking, mountain climbing, swimming in the river, white-water-rafting, insect and butterfly-watching, birdwatching, wildlife and forest tour as well as cultural interaction with local people. There are still other activities that are related to rainforest and the indigenous people.
Visitors who are interested in traveling to Sausapor can combine their snorkeling trip in several coral reef areas of the regency with rainforest trekking, camping and wildlife watching tour in at least 4 days/ 3 nights program.
Please, contact me by email to: if you are interested in going to Sausapor town or Tambrauw regency as a whole.

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