Saturday, March 14, 2015

Koroway Tribe in South Papua

I have just completed my trip to southern region of Papua. I visited the indigenous people of Koroway tribe who lived in the wetland.
Here I was sitting in the tree house of Koroway tribe
The people of Korowai or Koroway build their traditional houses on high poles or in tall trees. Those who live in the jungle still wear traditional costume (very minimum clothing or almost naked). They hunt wild animals such as boars, kangaroo, casowary bird, cuscus and soa-soa using bows and arrows, and spears as their traditional weapons. They also like to catch fish in the river using sharp pointed arrow or fish traps.
a Koroway man and his children
Most of their dwellings are located near a river and sago trees. They processed the pith from the trunk of sago tree to make flour. It is their main staple food.
The traditional tree house of Koroway that was constructed in high trees
The indigenous people of Koroway tribe is considered to be the only human being who still live in trees. The trip to Koroway is suitable for nature lovers, naturists or anyone who want to know how to survive in the jungle.
some girls of Koroway with their grandmother
If you visit the Koroway tribe, you can learn how to survive in the jungle with the Koroway way such as how to make fire using very simple tools, how to find sago worms and cook them, how to use bow and arrow to shoot a target, how to catch fish and how to expel mosquito while sleeping naked in the jungle. Because, I was a guest I had to adapt with their lifestyle. I also hope that visitors or solo traveler who goes to Koroway land does the same thing.
When swimming in the river, ask the local people for the safe spot. This is important so that you will not become the target of crocodiles.
Visitors from all corners of the world go to Koroway land to see their tree houses or experience their traditional lifestyle. If you are interested in visiting Koroway tribe and need me to be your private guide, please contact me by email to: You need at least 2 weeks to do the trip.

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