Monday, December 28, 2015

Snorkeling and trekking in Raja Ampat and mainland West Papua

Raja Ampat has got hundreds of islands with thousands of coral reef areas. They are scattered from Ayau islands in the north to Pele islands in the south. The marine bio-diversity was recorded by scientiests as the richest in the world. If we travel throughout Raja Ampat, we will see that the scenery above the water is as beautiful as the one under the water. That's why this archipelago attracts thousands of visitors every year.
Raja Ampat in the morning
As a tour guide, I can organize a holiday trip for you to Raja Ampat where you can enjoy snorkeling over many of its coral reef and then trekking and wildlife watching in the jungle of mainland West Papua. It will be a 9-day trip for anybody who is interested in exploring the unique environment of marine life and tropical rainforest. The minum number of participants is 4 and the maximum is 8 people.
You need a good snorkeling set to see the tropical fish and marine animal that live in coral reef. There are thousands of fish species that you can see underwater from a small damsel fish and butterflyfish to a giant whaleshark. Please, consider buying the following book: Reeffish Identification - Tropical Pacific.

In the first part of the trip, we will visit several islands of Raja Ampat from the Waigeo, to Gam, Kri, Mansuar, and Piaynemo and then to Kabui bay by boat. After that we will return to Sorong city to continue our trip into the jungle of Klasow valley. Walking in the jungle, we will be able to watch sulphur crested cockatoo, blyth's hornbill, and lesser birds of paradise. Tropical rainforest is a unique environment that is worth seeing by visitors are nature lovers.
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