Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Traveling and enjoying the wooden house of Minahasa

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

When I was traveling along the Minahasa mountainous region, I took many pictures of wooden house. I saw some tourists dropped by the Woloan village. It is the hub of Minahasan wooden house industry.


If, as traveler, you stay in Tomohon or other resorts in the mountainous region, you will mostly likely to sleep in a small wooden cottage. Why Minahasan like to build homes from wood? The answer is simple. Wood is one of the best construction materials which can withstand earthquake and cold temperature. The type of wood which is suitable for that house construction is cempaka, merbau, and lingua.


Minahasa mountainous region is surrounded by some active volcanoes. So, it is safe to live in a wooden house than in a concrete one. Because it is located in mountainous region, the temperature of most of Minahasa regency is cold. The Woloan villagers have even been able to export their wooden houses to customers abroad. Read more: Traveling around the traditional market of Manokwari; Traveling to Mansinam island of West Papua and Enjoying the natural beauty of Minahasa Mountainous Region Part 2

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