Saturday, April 4, 2009

Diving site and Coral Reef in Timor Leste

Coral reef preservation is always related to sustainable diving. Traveling to Timor Leste has been my dream for years. Unfortunately, I haven't got enough time to arrange such trip. In addition, there are not any travel deals to East Timor offered by tour and travel agency here. This kind of tourism can better inform the public about how important it is to protect the sea environment. One of the best but least known diving sites in the world is Coral Reef of Timor Leste.
I just knew its existence after watching a TV program aired by Timor Leste's national TV, TVTL. The coral reef of Timor Leste is located less than one hour driving from Dilli, the capital town of Timor Leste. It is a small country located between Australia and Indonesia. The natural beauty of Timor Leste is extraordinary.
After arriving in at the beach, scuba divers wear their diving suites and slowly walk to the sea water. The coral reef is still in good condition and has become the national asset for the state's economy.
The national government of Timor Leste is serious in promoting the diving site. TVTL is a national TV station of the country that runs in Portuguese. English speaking divers who are interested to go there can find more information about the region from the internet. It seems that the East Timorese have a number of websites which they update regularly.
I think, you can fly to Timor Leste from Bali, the hub of Indonesia's tourism industry, by Merpati. It is an Indonesian state owned company. by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia
P.S. All pictures, the coral reef and the sunset, in this article were taken from the TV show aired by TVTL. Read more: Diving Boat General Arrangement Consideration

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