Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Energy Efficient Wood Stove from Sonder Minahasa of Indonesia

Wood stove is still used by a lot of people at the present time. Wood as renewable energy resource is still important in supporting households both in developing as well as industrialized countries. In the developing countries, wood stoves are used for cooking whereas in modern countries they are used for warming rooms of houses during the winter.
When I was in Sonder of Minahasa Indonesia, I saw wood stoves. They were being dried under the sun by a worker. When the price of kerosene was going up, Minahasan people stopped using their kerosene and gas stoves and returned to wood stoves.
Will the wood stove trigger the deforestation of tropical rainforest in Indonesia? My answer is No. When people see that the price of wood for cooking is good, they will plant trees that grow fast to meet the demand of the wood market. In Minahasa, it is not only wood that is used as cooking material. The coconut shell is one of the best cooking fuels. Coconut trees which are not productive will be cut and turned into raw material for furniture industry. Some of the unused coconut wood will be sold as cooking fuel.
Wood stove is very energy efficient compared to fire place that we often see in houses in Western Countries. Its design is very small and with only three to five small pieces of woods, a homemaker can cook food for her family's breakfast, lunch and dinner. The price of a wood stove in Sonder of Minahasa Indonesia was Rp. 30,000 or around 3 USD dollars. It is made of clay and fine sand. However it will be difficult to ship it to international buyers due to the expensive shipping cost.
Wood stove is still the most preferred choice of cooking equipment in developing countries even in today's internet era. by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

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