Saturday, April 4, 2009

Traveling to Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Minahasa Mountainous Region

My Travel Story in Minahasa Part 1

Have you ever traveled across the mountainous region of Minahasa? If you haven't then you can read this story as a preview for your next travel to this beautiful place.
Okay, now I will begin my travel story about it. Minahasa is a mountainous region located in the northern part of North Sulawesi. It is part of the province of North Sulawesi. Most of the people there work as farmers. They grow clove, vanilla, corn, rice and any agricultural commodity that is now the prime mover of the region's economy.
There are some active volcanoes which you can visit. They are Mahawu, Soputan, Lokon and Klabat. Another one which is not too high and now has been converted into an inter-faith tourism destination region is Mount Tanderukan. Now, people like to call it Bukit Kasih or Love Hill. Near the love hill, there is a traditional sacred place called Watu Pinabetengan. It was where the tribal leaders of Minahasan people met and vowed to be one as a nation. From here, we can continue our travel to Lake Toundano. Along the road around Lake Tondano, we can see hundreds of hectares of rice field. During the day, farmers ride cows plowing their field.
After visiting Toundano, I continued my trip to Tomohon. The temperature here is cold. There are many schools here from elementary schools to universities. That's why it is also called Kota Pendidikan or Educational Town. There are many Minahasan restaurants in Tomohon providing delicious Minahasan cuisines which is mostly hot and spicy. by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

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