Monday, April 6, 2009

Traveling under the canopy of Papuan tropical rainforest

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

Have you ever planned a trip to tropical rainforest In Papua? If your answer is no, then you should consider about it for your next vacation. There are some travel deals to Papua offered by tour agencies in Europe on the internet. Tropical rainforest nowadays plays a very important role in reducing global warming.

After arriving in one of the Papuan towns, travelers can carry on their trip to the interior region by flying with Pilatus Porter. It is a small aircraft that has been the most important type of airplane in the region.

Every year, many European and North American travelers, as well as Australian ones visit Papua. They want to enjoy the fresh and cool air while walking under the canopy of Papuan rainforest. Last month I met an American tourist, Jay Hersker, who came to Papua for studying more about palm and other exotic plants. Jay is a professional whose expertise is on landscaping works. I think he is interested in growing Papuan palm trees in Hawaii. The temperature there is not too different from the temperature in Papua. The price of Papuan seedling here might be very low but when it has been in Hawaii its price can be expensive.

Papuan tropical rainforest has many species of plants and animals. Beautiful paradise birds and Soa-soa are some of the rare species which tourists like to see while camping in the middle of the Papuan jungle. Before deciding to fly to Papua island, you must first go to your doctor and ask for Malaria prevention vaccine. It is vital to increase your body resistant while staying for one or two weeks in Papua.

Sometimes, when you walk through the jungle, you'll see the indigenous people hunting. They use traditional sharp weapons such as bow and arrows, and spears for killing pigs. If you go further to the Star Mountain, you will be able to see the snow capped mountain there.

Papua with its beautiful scenery and rich natural resources is now experiencing rapid destruction and exploitation. Trees are being cut for their timber and land is being drilled for oil and gas. It is the concerned of every one of us that the effect of global warming should be reduced. Therefore, we need to oppose illegal logging practices which threaten the existence Papuan tropical rainforest.

By traveling to Papua, you will be better informed about the real condition and might be able to take any necessary action for attracting the awareness of people in your country about the need to protect the last remaining forest which we have ever had. Also read: Pilatus Porter, a suitable aircraft for travelling across mountainous region; Pacific Islanders know how to built an energy efficient house

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