Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coraf reef sites in Papua Indonesia

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

Scuba divers around the world always want to explore new coral reef sites. After visiting marine parks in Bunaken, Great Barrier Reef or the Carribean islands, scuba divers want to find new diving sites.


Most of the coral reefs that are still in pristine condition are located in the Pacific region. My recommendation for you will be the coral reefs in Papua. If you are really an adventurous scuba diver, you should try Mapia island, Numfoor island, Raja Ampat islands, and the Cendrawasih National Marine Park which is the largest marine park in Indonesia. Or You might be interested in diving through the shipwrecks in Dore bay of Manokwari.

Papua is the eastern-most province in Indonesia. Indonesia itself is the largest archipelago in the world. It has more than 17,000 islands.

Besides having beautiful coral reef, Papua has snow capped mountain and vast tropical rainforest waiting for you to explore. Do you want to visit Papua? Just buy a travel book from Lonlelyplanet, it will be your efficient tour guide to Papua and other islands in Indonesia. Read more: The Change of Gender in Yellow Tailed Anemone Fish and Preserving the coral reefs in Indonesia

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