Sunday, April 12, 2009

Manado a well known city for scuba divers

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua Indonesia

Scuba divers around the world should know Manado. It is a city that is located near Bunaken National Marine Park. Manado is also the capital city of the province of North Sulawesi. Its location that is closer to Bunaken has been a dilemma to marine conservationist. Every day plastic trash and domestic garbage flows from the city to the coral reef around the Bunaken national marine park. This is a serious problem that needs attention from all the city dwellers.

In addition, the rapid growing of population in Manado city creates problems related to traffic jams and air pollution. The layout of the city needs more improvement in the future. The decision on coastal reclamation actually is not an ideal one because it will destroy the coral reefs that exist along the beach of Manado city.

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hipokrates said...

I have several times around Indonesia but I am indeed very sorry that he had never been to Manado. I have heard from various news if in Manado there are many tourist attractions of the sea. very nice. one point if I go there will be more happy if you are there for me to walk there.