Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coral reef and your car

Your car and coral reef have in indirect connection. If you drive a lot then you emit CO2 and other toxic gases into the air. These exhaust gases, together with other CO2 equivalent emissions from industry and other human modern activities, cause acid rain and global warming. The increasing amount of acid rain deteriorates the coral reef condition.


El Nino which happened a few years ago which might be due to global warming caused massive deaths of coral reefs around the world.

If we can reduce the use of car and other motorized vehicles, it means we can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. If we travel on short distances, it is better to use bicycle or public transportation such as bus.

There are other ways that we can do to lower the CO2 emission of our cars. Suppose that we park our car at an outdoor parking lot of your office or a mall during a sunny weather. One or two hours later the inside of the car will be very hot. When you get back to your car again and feel the hot temperature, you'll tend to turn on the AC. If you are environmentally conscious person, you will not turn on the AC. The alternative that you can do is opening all doors of your car to let the hot air flowed out and the cool air entered it again. It is the best way that you can do to safe energy and at the same time prevent or reduce the CO2 emissions. You will want to turn on the AC for a while.

Every car has battery that is used to start the car, run the CD players and light the lamps. When it has been exhausted, you will need to replace it with a new one. Don't throw it anywhere. There are recycling centers where you can deliver the used battery for recycling. If you do it, you have done good thing for the coral reef and the environment as a whole.

Another important thing that we should do is keeping the performance of our cars in good condition. We have to make sure that the valves in the combustion chambers of car engines are well positioned so that the combustion processes run well. If the performance of our car is good, it will consume less fuel and also emit less toxic or poisonous gases. This is also good for coral reef.

Coral reef is a fragile environment that provides food and shelter to various marine animals. Coral reef also conducts photosynthesis that produces clean air which most living things need. If the condition of coral reef is well protected, not only marine animals will get more benefits from it but also the human beings who live for on land will have a better and healthier life from it. Read: The relation between coral reefs and our daily activities

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