Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earthquake resistant wooden house of Minahasa

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

In recent days the demand for earthquake resistant houses is increasing. The recent earthquake in Italy has caused massive destruction on concrete buildings with hundreds of people dead. It has been a reality that when an earthquake happens, wooden house constructions can withstand the disaster well. Very few wooden houses failed compared to "modern" concrete houses.


When I was traveling around Minahasa mountainous region, I saw that most of the houses were wooden houses. People in Minahasa build their houses with wood because they know that it is strong enough to withstand frequent ground shocks. There are some active volcanoes in the region.

In addition to its superior strength, wooden house looks natural with the surrounding environment. The aesthetics of wooden house design is one of the most important factors that attract people to buy or build houses made of wood.

Wooden houses of Minahasa are sold in knock down units in Woloan villages. If you are interested in buying one, just visit Woloan, choose the wooden house that you like and proceed with the buying procedures stipulated by the exporters. They will help you ship the house and if necessary send carpenters to your country to re-erect the house in your place. Also read: The number of Archicad users is rising in Indonesia

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