Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New idea for Making Money from Home

by Charles Roring, Indonesia

Study Case: my personal experience in running a bookstore from living room
make-money-from-home-bookstore.JPGI began making money from home in early 2007. It has been two years now. I opened a bookstore from my living room. I did not have a lot of money at that time. So, I decided to choose my own living room as a place to make money selling books. I asked for a loan from a bank. Its name was Bank BNI. I got 65 million rupiahs or $ 6,500 dollars. Then, the money was used for making bookshelves and ordering books from famous book publishers in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, two big cities in Indonesia.

I have been running the Xavier bookstore for two years now and my total selling has reached more than Rp. 450,000,000 or 45,000 US dollars. Maybe for European or American standard, it is not a big business. But for us here in Indonesia, it is quite a lot.

I have done many things to make money from home business. I wrote articles and send them to national magazines such as Intisari and Flona. For one article, they paid me Rp. 350,000 or 35 US dollars. I still write every day for my blog. I also draw and paint. Some of them are shown in one of my personal websites.

Now I make money from home by blogging and authoring an educational website. I use two software i.e. Microsoft Frontpage 2003 and Blog software (wordpress and blogspot). The topics for my articles range from health and lifestyle to how to make money by working at home. I still believe that opening a home business is still the wisest decision in today's world financial crisis which we are facing right now. Besides we can open new jobs for our family and friends, we have helped the government in reducing unemployment. While many big companies lay off their workers, we create new jobs at home. In addition, we reduce traffic congestion which is good for our environment.

Whatever your idea for making money from home is, you have to have passion for it. Don't run a home business that you don't really like. Whether you still want to work on 9 to 5 system or make money from bed room writing articles for newspaper, or magazine; or even becoming a novelist, you must focus on it.

A great success story for home business entrepreneur is the case of The owner or founder of the website is Tim Carter. Paula Neal Mooney said in her blog that he got $ 500,000 from monetizing his web with Google Adsense.

Now, I have just told you my story about how I make money from home selling books from my living room. I am nothing if compared to Amazon. But if I want, my website can be monetized by adding some Amazon Astore Program.

I want to tell you this, "Don't worry about anything if you are thinking of opening a home business. Just do it with passion and all the power of nature will support it." Technorati :

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meimosaki said...

Sa setuju dengan upaya bapak bikin toko buku xavier itu karna jujur saja e, sangat membantu sa cari buku yang bermutu di Manokwari, apalagi sebagai anak Manokwari, dari dulu tuh tong tra pu toko buku yang cukup representatif dan harga murah (apalagi mo harap ada perpustakaan). Tapi setidaknya, dengan adanya Xavier, sa bisa dapat beberapa buku yang bagus deng harga terjangkau. Sa juga sering baca tulisannya bapak di Intisari,seingat sa ttg Kuba.Btw. semoga kala sa balik lagi beberapa tahun ke depan ke Manokwari, xavier masih ttp ada dgn buku2 yg bermutu. Maju terus eee