Thursday, December 18, 2008

High Risk Situation in People With Diabetes

Charles Roring, Manokwari, Indonesia

have-peaceful-mind.JPGFighting diabetes is not an easy thing to do especially when we are in high risk situation. It is a situation which can disrupt our healthy lifestyle. As city dwellers, we often go out with our friends and eat at restaurants. Sometimes we drink to much alcohol which is not good for our liver and pancreas. When we drink too much liquor our pancreas has to work harder producing insulin to stabilize our blood sugar.

Other situation which may be harmful to our health is when we feel bored, tired, angry or depressed. We tend to eat more when we are in this situation. There are somethings that we must do when we are in high risk situation.
Try to find other new alternatives instead of grabbing food. People with diabetes who feel bored, depressed with their work or family relation have more tendency of eating foods that contain cholesterol, fat, and salt or drinking too much sweet juice and alcohol. When we are in this situation we must try other alternatives such as do the gardening, play football or basketball, play guitar.
Solve the problem. When we are in high risk situation due to problems at work or at home. We can try to solve it. Find the root cause of the problem.
play-violin.JPGTake a break. Sometimes stress or tiredness can be releaved just by taking a nap.
Visit your friends or neighbors. When our emotional condition is not stable, visiting an old friends or next door neighbor is good. We can walk or ride a bicycle for that. By doing this, we can have new environment, and of course burn some calories.
Share our feelings. This is what I usually do when I feel bored or angry. I prefer to write and post my article in this blog. I and express my feeling easily and let other people give sugggestions or comments. This is good for controlling our unstable emotions. We can also read blogs or websites that contain information about health and diabetes to widen our knowledge.
So, controlling blood sugar level and curing diabetes does not always have to do with insulin injection and measurement of blood glocuse. Most often it is related to how we control our mind.

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