Monday, December 8, 2008

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working at Home

by Charles Roring from Manokwari West Papua

In my previous article I emphasized the importance of writing a business plan when we want to open a home business. Now I am writing some of my personal experiences about working at home to make money. I am going to discuss about the advantageous and disadvantages of running a home business.

First, the advantages, when you have made up your mind that you want to make money from home, you will have to see the advantageous side. It is clear that working from home will save you a lot of money, especially the cost of transportation. If you are an office worker, you must wake up early in the morning. You will always move in a hurry if you wake up late. If not, you will get to work late. Your employer or colleagues will complain about it. When you work at home running your own business, you will be your own boss. No one will complain if you wake up late. But I suggest that you set up a regular business hours so that your customers will not complain. Be a professional business owner even when you run a business from your backyard. When you open your business from a garage in the morning, wear a proper dress. Don't only wear a short and T-shirt if you plan your company is an engineering consultant or a language course. In addition of being your own boss, you will have more time to look after your family. You can do some housework while working although I don't recommend this thing. Some housewives look after their babies while typing on the computer designing web or sending e-mails to prospective customers. It is important to run your business professionally. If possible separate the private domain from company domain.

Second, the disadvantages, it is clear that there are some inconveniences which you might experience when setting up a home business. Usually, you will have to sacrifice some of your family privacy. This is one thing that many home business owners like to complain. There are times when customers call to yur home while you are sleeping. Although you have closed your door, they could see that the lights at your living room still on and they will ring the doorbell. The worst case is when there are some arguments between you and one of the family members, your clients will be much affected. Another problem is mixed administration. This is something that you have to avoid if you want to build a professional company. Separate the money of the company from the household.

As a solution, try to separate your office with your home. There has to be a clear partition for that. If your office is a garage then your customer cannot go beyond that area. Then, you must state a clear working hours both on the name plank of your company hanging outside of your house or at the door, or even at your business card. If possible, provide a separate telephone and fax lines. When you have closed your office, then you will only receive calls at home.  If you really want to have a professional business, do your business during business hours and take after your family during the family hours. Don't mix them or your family will be jeopardized.

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