Thursday, December 25, 2008

Girl on Cool Floor

This beautiful girl is sitting on a cool floor. I tried my best drawing her. This girl lowered her head closer to her knee in nude position hiding one of her breasts. Only one that could be seen. The inner thigh area cannot also be seen due to the long leg which half stretches to the right side of the girl. Drawing this skecth is not difficult. I only need to balance the proportion of the body, leg and head so that I can obtain a perfect and beautiful picture. I have many drawings of girls, nature, birds, and anything that I see beautiful to be drawn or painted. I will show some more on my next postings.


Figure Drawing Study: Beautiful girl sitting nude on cool floor

I use a 3B Staedtler pencil to draw this beautiful girl sitting nude on cool floor. The sketch paper is made by Xue shan. I don't know whether it is a famous brand or not but I just use it when I want to draw or make sketch. I am very fond of art, especially drawing. You can send me your pictures if you want to be drawn. After drawing it, I will post it on this blog. I will not mention your name as the model except if you allow.

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