Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make Money from Home by Running a Language Course

by Charles Roring, Manokwari West Papua Indonesia
I used to teach English for young learners. If you could teach English, Mathematics or music lesson, then you can use the skill to get money. I personally didn't teach at home. I used to run an English school in Malang. Its name is Englishland. We had up to 100 students with monthly income of 9 to 11 million rupiahs. It is more than enough for an English teacher living in Indonesia. You could do the same with your skill or expertise. Running a home business by opening a computer course or web design course in your garage is also a good choice.
Usually local government will easily release a permit for that. As long as they see that your business gives significant contribution to people or young people living around your house, you will get support from your neighbors.
What you need to prepare when opening a private lesson or course at home. First is classroom. You also need table(s), chairs, and whiteboard for teaching and learning activities. If you have enough money to provide them, then you will have to prepare the teaching material. This include textbook, workbook, CD player and if possible computer (if the class that you are about to open is webdesign course). So, the facilities that you need to provide depend on the types of course that you want to give.
The next step to running a home business is reaching your potential customers. You can place announcement in front of your home, a big banner if you like saying that you open registration for those who are interested in taking an webdesign course. You could also advertise your course in local newspaper or magazine. Sometimes local churches have billboards which you can put your announcement on them.
The revenue that you get should cover your living expenses for three months which is usually the period of one level course. You can charge lower course fee if you intend to open two or three classes. You need to teach twice or three times a day - one in the morning and two in the afternoon and in the evening. If you can open upto three classes, your revenue will be very high, sometimes the same as a top government employee.
In Asian countries like China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, becoming an English teacher is the most preferred profession for native speakers. They come to these countries, buy a big house and run an English course. If they are serious, they can turn a small home based English course into a multi-million dollar language school with branches in many countries.
So, don't look down at home based language course

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