Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beating Type 2 Diabetes by Changing Lifestyle

by Charles Roring in Manokwari West Papua Indonesia
athlete.jpgThe most important thing that we must do to beat diabetes is changing our lifestyle. Our sedentary life has caused the rising of blood sugar level in our body. We eat more calories but we burn less. As its impact, we become overweight. If we are serious in controlling our blood glucose level, we must balance the input and output of our calories. We need to be more active.
Simple exercises can reduce our blood sugar level closer to normal and improve our health. When at home, instead of pressing remote controller, we can walk to the TV set and turn up its volume. We can also walk around the house in the morning and do the gardening at the backyard on weekends.
If we have a cooler box next to our sofa where we keep soft-drinks, peanuts and chocolate, we have to remove them. When we are hungry or thirsty, we just walk to the kitchen, and take apple or guava in the refrigerator. Eating fruit is better than drinking juice. If we drink sweet juice, sometimes our blood glucose level is rising above normal level.
To add more activities at home, maybe such equipment as vacuum cleaner, and dish washer should be kept in the storeroom. We can wash the dishes manually, or sweep the floor using a traditional broom. By doing these physical activities we will feel better and at the same time reduce our electrical bill.
Don't only think that the physical activities are only limited to house chores. We can add more physical activities when we go to work. Some people ride bicycles, and others walk. This depends on the distance between one's home and his or her office. If we work in the city, we can avoid using the elevator. We can use the stairs. During lunch time, we can walk for five to ten minutes around our office building, instead of just sitting and talking with our coworkers. We can ask them to walk with us too. If they ask why, just explain that it is useful for our health and mind.
For elderly people, jogging can be fun but dangerous. Consult with your doctor, if you intend to jog in the morning or afternoon. Maybe he will need to perform some medical assessment especially on your heart condition. He might give some advice on the use of shoes, seamless socks and better cushioned sport-shoes if you jog or walk longer distance. Don't force yourself into strenuous exercises. They maybe harmful to your body.

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