Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Magical Power of Forest in Healing Diabetes

by Charles Roring, Manokwari, West Papua, Indonesia

road-through-a-forest.JPGPerhaps many of you do not know that forest can stabilize our blood glucose and cure diabetes. I know a wealthy businessman who quit working in the city and live near a forest in Minahasa North Sulawesi. His name is Sammy.
When he had been diagnosed of suffering type 2 diabetes, he asked his doctor about the best solution for his problem. The doctor said that he had to quit smoking, he had to exercise more to reduce his blood glucose level. And he had to stop doing vigorous works.
Sammy is a rich man, he has a factory, two resorts, and one stable. He also has a large farming land with the size of 200 hectares.
His younger brother had been suffering from type 2 diabetes and was now blind.
Sammy was afraid that he would experience the same thing. He had done all his doctor advice. When he came again to check his health in the hospital, his blood glucose level did not change much.
When he found out that all his efforts to control his blood sugar level had failed him, he decided to fly to his hometown trying to find a traditional medicine for curing his diabetes.
He was there for one week. He walked through the tropical rainforest, working in farmland, meeting his relatives and friends which he had left for years. When he returned to Jakarta for checking up his health, he got a surprising result. His blood sugar has dropped to slightly above the normal level.
The next day, he made up his mind. He called his manager and appointed him as the new Chief Executive Officer of the stainless steel factory. He bought a new house in Minahasa and began living an ordinary life.
He liked walking around the nearby forest. When he was in the forest he could breath pure and clean air. He could listen to the natural songs sung by various birds, the sound of leaves blown by the wind and the sound of water flowing along a small stream.

mansinam-beach.JPGThis is a natural relaxation that relieve stress from his body and mind. This is the magical power of a forest that can bring everyone who walks under its canopy closer to nature besides the healing power the forest provide through its Papuan red fruit that can normalise the blood glucose level of patients with diabetes.

This magical healing power is now getting weaker due to the rapid deforestation of most of the tropical rainforests around the equator.

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