Thursday, November 27, 2008

Las Vegas A Diving Hub for Diver Communities

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You might never imagine that Las Vegas in the Nevada desert is an important hub for scuba divers. Every year thousands of divers, diving equipment manufacturers, and resort owners gather in Las Vegas to attend annual exhibition. During the event many diving resorts offer special packages with discount prices.

The increasing conflict in the middle east have caused divers to move away from Sinai, a popular diving destination in the middle east for European divers. As a result more and more divers explore new diving destinations which still have coral reef that are still in pristine condition.

Coral reefs in Raja Ampat islands and Cendrawasih National Marine Park of Teluk Wondama regency, as well as Mapia island of Biak regency in West Papua are considered the most potential destinations in the Pacific beside the already popular ones such as Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

In the annual exhibition in Las Vegas, we could see various diving equipment which can make diving easier and more comfortable. Such equipments include special mask which is equipped with microphone and loudspeakers that are connected with a casing that keeps diver's mobile phone. With this mask and casing, scuba divers can call and receive phone calls underwater. Another simple equipment is small carriage for air tanks. When along the beach, divers can pull his air tank that is attached to a portable carriage. This simple design equipment can help divers to move or walk faster along the beach or jetty. From now on, Las Vegas will not only be seen as a city for gamblers but also a city for divers. by Charles Roring

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