Friday, November 21, 2008

Interesting travel destination in mountainous region of Yatsugatake Japan.

by Charles Roring

beautiful scenery in the mountainous region of Yatsugatake Japan

a traveler is observing the moon at planetarium in yatsugatake

great nebula in orion, this picture was taken from a planetarium in yatsugatake mountainous region, two hours traveling by train from Tokyo Japan

In recent days tour agencies around the world have increasingly offered various travel deals to Japan especially to its beautiful mountainous regions. Japan is famous for its mountain. Travelers who have visited Japan can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji.
Another travel destination that is unique and attractive is the mountainous region of Yatsugatake. If you are are interested in visiting this place, you can go there by train. It takes two hours from Tokyo to Kobuchisawa station. Then you can continue their trip to Yatsugatake by bus. In Yatsugatake, you walk along the trails and enjoy the fresh air from various green trees and colorful flowers. Deeper into the mountain, the slope is rising sharply.
Inside the forest, you will come across a hanging bridge that spans to the other side of the cliff. After crossing the bridge and walking along a narrow path, you will arrive in a beautiful waterfall with a pool at the bottom of the limestone cliff. The water looks green. It is also cool and fresh. You can swim in the pool before continuing your travel to family run inn which the Japanese usually call pension. There are many pensions in Yatsugatake with affordable price.
One pension is very unique. It has a planetarium or star observatory station. The owner of the pension built the planetarium to enjoy the beautiful scenery of planets and stars. It is built separately from the pension. The mountainous region of Yatsugatake has clean air which enables astronomers from all around Japan to observe planets from telescope radio or planetarium that are constructed in the region.
At night you can ask the pension owner to open the planetarium so that you can see the moon, planet Jupiter, the great nebula in Orion or even Andromeda galaxi. Sometimes if you are lucky enough can see comet traveling across this vast universe.
So, the tour around Yatsugatake mountain will provide you not only travel experience about trees, flowers, and the beautiful scenery of the hills and valleys but also the beautiful view of airspace.
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