Friday, November 21, 2008

Travel security the concern of every tourist

by Charles Roring

Tour and travel industry have become a significant contributor many countries around the world. People travel for various reasons such as pleasure or tourism, business purposes, medical treatment or just visiting families.

tourist going around by boat in Phuket Thailand

Going abroad is not a luxurious journey anymore. A lot of tour operators offer travel deals to various countries in affordable price. Unfortunately, the increasing number of global conflicts is still seen the main obstacle for the development of tourism in certain parts of the world. In addition to that, the war of terror doesn't seem to have successfully reduced terror attacks in the contrary it creates more.

Travelers are now reluctant to travel to certain regions where the number of terror attacks is increasing, particularly in India, the Middle East and some parts in Southern Thailand.It is important to note that travelers where ever they go must take some preparations before leaving for certain countries. They may possibly choose countries that are relatively free from terror attacks or they might buy travel insurance to cover them during their trip abroad.

beautiful model sun bathing on deck of yacht

But travel security is not only about going around the world that is free from terrorism. The airplane condition, the weather, the underwater current in a diving site and the traffic condition in certain countries also have to be taken into account. More tourists die because of drowning at sea, hit by car, infected by viral disease or plane crash rather than becoming the victims of a terror attack.

Therefore, the travel security is not only a matter of national stability of a country but professional services of the whole tourism industry. Airliners must ensure that the planes they operate are safe and well maintained. In addition, the sanitation facilities in tourist destinations have to be well cleaned to prevent the spread of deadly bird flu virus and cholera bacteria or malaria. The safety standards must also be applied to the foods that are offered to tourists eating out in restaurants.If all stakeholders of tourism industry have seriously involved in improving travel security, the number of tourists traveling around the world will increase.

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