Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You need travel insurance if you want to dive in remote islands

Traveling to remote islands and diving around pristine coral reef can be a fascinating experience. It can also be a dangerous one. When you decide to travel to Pacific islands, or to South East Moluccan islands or Mapia island of West Papua, you will find that the logistic support for tourism is not sufficient. In those places, you cannot find beach hotel equipped with diving centers. Travelers will carry their diving equipment. They will also need to buy travel insurance.

Travel insurance is important for people who often go on a trip to far away places whether for business, or pleasure. It must cover anything that is related to traveling risks. Traveler might get sick during his or her tour. Accident might happen when the traveler dives in coral reefs that have strong currents. In fewer cases, traveler might get trapped in a civil war in a country.
Diving is a very good sport but it is a very dangerous too. Divers need to buy travel insurance that cover not only the risk of accidents but also the safety of their equipment. Most diving sites in remote region have not been developed as tourist destination centers. It means there might not be hospital or health clinics available in those areas. If accident happens, the victim has to be transported by helicopter to hospital in a city. You have to consider this thing if you want to travel to remote places. When they travel to diving sites that are not listed in famous tourist destination, the travel insurance which they buy should also cover air travel failures. The flight back home might be canceled by the airline company for certain unclear reasons and your work schedule at home will have to be jeopardized.

Another important thing which you need to have when traveling to remote region is communication equipment. You may need to buy satellite cell phone with solar battery charger so that you can recharge the batteries using the abundant sunlight of tropical region. The last thing which I want to tell you before you decide to travel to remote diving sites is traveling with friends. It is better to travel with some divers so that besides you can share the cost you will also be able to help one another if an accident happens.

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