Saturday, November 1, 2008

The food we eat influences the blood glucose level

by Charles Roring
People with diabetes need to control their blood glucose closer to normal level. Whether they are patients of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, they must know it everyday. Our blood glucose is normal if it is between 70 and 110 mg/dl measured at 8 hours fasting. But it is not easy for patients of diabetes to keep their blood glucose at these levels. It is realistic if we can control our fast blood glucose and 2 hours after meal to be under 200 mg/dl. If the level is too low (typically less than 70), patients will experience hypoglycemia. In this condition, patients will tremble, feel weak and very hungry. Sweet food or drinks such as softdrink, fruit juice, biscuits or glucose tables will be needed to raise the blood sugar level. If the blood sugar level is too high, then insulin injection is needed to lower it. Fast-acting carbohydrate such as apple or orange juice, grapes and regular soda can raise our blood glucose back to normal.
The levels of blood glucose are not always the same after meal. They depend on the kind of foods that we usually eat. If we measure them by ourselves, we will able to understand why our blood glucose is rising or falling. We can also know when the level is at its highest point or at its lowest point. Then, we will be able to take action to balance it.
The food that we eat will certainly raise our blood glucose. One to two hours after meal, the blood glucose will rise to its highest level. So, we have to measure the amount of food that we eat. We need to control our daily meal, and our lunch, and dinner time so that we will be able to know when and how our blood glucose rises or falls. By doing that, we will be able to adjust the amount of insulin injection or medicine that we need to overcome hyperglycemia. If we need to know about how to prevent diabetes and control this disease, we can visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Various kinds of food causes various blood sugar level. Our food contains carbohydrate, protein, and fat. These three components raise the glucose level. But carbohydrate is the strongest component that raises the glucose level.

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