Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Plan your next travel to Surabaya city

by Charles Roring

I don't travel very often. But I have money and time I usually fly to Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. Surabaya is famous for its malls, traditional markets and restaurants. Surabaya is the trading hub for East Indonesia region. It is also a transit city for travelers who want to go to Bali or Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

girls dancing in a restaurant in Surabaya city of Indonesia

Traveling in Surabaya is easy because all places can be assessed by car. Most of the problems that are related to city life are the crowds and traffic jam. Usually traffic jam occurs early in the morning at around six to eight and in the evening at around five to seven.

So if you intend to travel around the city, choose the right time. Your travel guide or tour agency can set the most suitable hour and places to visit.

In my experienced when I traveled to Surabaya early this year, Singapore of Surabaya was the recommended place to eating out at night. It is located not far from Pakuwon mall. There travelers can enjoy the romantic night live of Surabaya. There are restaurants along the street which offer Indonesian, Chinese and Western cuisines.

Singapore of Surabaya

Travelers can also enjoy shopping in Tunjungan Plaza, Delta Plaza or Galaxi and Pakuwon Mall. Personally I like to visit Tunjungan that is located in the city center. Most foreign travelers like to go to Galaxi mall. You can choose whatever shopping centers you are interested in.

After traveling around Surabaya, you can continue your trip to Malang and Batu where you can see the beautiful scenery of Mount Bromo. I will write about it later.

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