Thursday, July 10, 2008

PV Powered Launches Enhanced Version of 30kW Commercial Solar Inverter

Bend, OR, USA

U.S. solar inverter manufacturer, PV Powered, Inc., have launched their PVP30kW commercial inverter with an expanded feature set is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. In keeping with their commitment to rapid product development cycles, PV Powered has added new capabilities to the PVP30kW commercial inverter, expanding module compatibility, further simplifying installation, and increasing total system energy harvest.

New features include:

· Expanded Input Voltage Range: The new commercial inverters have an expanded DC input voltage range, with the low end now reduced to an industry-leading 295 VDC. This insures that the PVP30kW works effectively with all PV modules on the market today, including the new thin film modules.

· Increased Energy Harvest: A refined power point tracking algorithm identifies the optimal power point more quickly and accurately, delivering more usable power under all operating conditions.

· New Cabinet Features: New side and back power cable knockouts, data cable knockout, and an updated lockable power electronics lid make what was already the industry's easiest to install commercial inverter even faster and easier to set up.

"The market's acceptance of this product has been remarkable and our results have well exceeded forecast," said Tucker Ruberti, PV Powered's commercial product line manager. "In response to growing market demand we are pleased to further extend the features of this inverter and enable the rapidly growing small-commercial segment of the market by stocking the product for immediate shipment."

PV Powered says the PVP30kW is a more reliable solution for small commercial installations that previously required strings of single phase residential inverters. The small size and easy installation of the unit, coupled with PV Powered's high quality documentation and exceptional phone and on-site support, make it easy for installers to offer solutions to small commercial customers, even those installers that have never worked with a three phase commercial inverter before.

Additionally, the units come with free built-in data monitoring, allowing commercial customers and their installers to track current and historical system performance over the Internet and enabling fast access to service and support if needed.

"We installed our first PVP30kW more than six months ago and were immediately impressed with the great design, ease of installation and failure free performance," said Yann Brandt, vice president of Advanced Green Technologies in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. "PV Powered designed a great product that is ideally suited for our small commercial applications and having the product in stock and ready for immediate shipment will help us grow our business," he added.


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