Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ship Wreck Diving in Dore Bay of Manokwari West Papua

Dore bay is one of scuba diving destinations in West Papua (formerly known as Dutch New Guinea). It is where Manokwari town is located. As the capital of the newly formed West Papua province, the town stretches along the shore of Dore bay.

View of Dore bay seen from Mansinam island, Manokwari - West Papua
During the Pacific War (World War II), Japanese troops made it as one of their bases putting cargo and warships in the bay. This is a beautiful deep water bay which is also a natural harbour surrounded by Arfak mountain range. When allied forces led by General Mc Arthur attacked Dutch New Guinea, they sunk some of Japanese ships sailing or anchoring in this bay. There are more than twenty wrecks in this bay but only six that can be dived on. There are two islands in the middle of the bay, Mansinam and Lemon island. Coral reefs can be found around these islands.

Town of Manokwari, West Papua

One of the best ship wreck worth of diving is Shinwa Maru. It was a cargo ship with five holds. Its length is around 120 meters and lies on its port side. The ship was bombed. Divers can see big holes, bottles, cables, batteries and other equipments.
Scuba divers like to do night diving because the ship wreck attracks fish and various marine creatures. Beside Shinwa Maru wreck, there are other wrecks such as Pasir Putih wreck (navy coastal patrol boat), Pillbox wreck, Cross wreck, Mupi Wreck, and Australian plane wreck (P-40 Kitty Hawk fighter plane).
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