Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bunaken National Marine Park to host international event "Sail Bunaken 2009"

As a world known diving site, authorities of Bunaken National Marine Park will conduct Sail Bunaken 2009. It is an international event which is intended to share experience and explore the marine beauty of Bunaken sea park.

The event will include yacht rally, fleet review, sailing pass, Manado Bay Festival, Bunaken Carnival, Bunaken Diving Festival, Jetski Tournament, Sandeq Race and Gala Dinner.
The committee has claimed this event as the largest and international marine event in 2009 tobe conducted on August 12 to 20, 2009.
Bunaken National Park is located in Manado Bay of North Sulawesi. Bunaken is one of the islands in the national park which has become the centerpiece of the diving sites. There are also world class diving sites in such nearby islands as Manado Tua (volcanic island), Siladen, Montehage and Nain.
Tourists divers can bring their own diving equipment when travelling to Bunaken National Marine park but if they do not want to get busy carrying heavy things, they can rent them in many diving centers.

The Bunaken diving sites are located in tropical region with air temperature stays between 29 and 32 degrees Celcius all year round.
The region is in dry season during April to November with wind blowing from southeast but the sea is relatively calm. It is the time when many visitors like to come to Bunaken with clear sunny sky, divers can enjoy 20 - 25 meters diving visibility.
Bunaken National Marine Park offers the best and the most comfortable diving and snorkeling experiences due to its close location to Manado city. On the average, it only takes 30 minutes boating from the city to this famous diving place.

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