Monday, July 28, 2008

Combining Music, Dancing, and Food in Gourmet Tourism

by Charles Roring
Recent rising in food price has influenced many restaurant owners to make adjustments in their businesses. Besides reducing the variety of food menu, mixing food and entertainment is considered a good solution. More empty seats mean lower profit and higher overhead spending. When facing this unfavorable situation, some restaurant owners in Indonesia launch special night package for their customers.
The package incorporate a two hour contemporary dancing and music entertainment as addition to delicious dinner presented on every table. This package is sold for 100 to 150 US dollars per table of 10 seats. Employers of big companies, as the usual frequent customers of the restaurants, have shown their interest to this kind of package as an affordable way to treat their staff. This package is considered cheaper than one week holiday package to famous tourist destinations in the country. Besides, the employees do not have to leave office when celebrating their achievement. In addition, they can bring all their family or friends to enjoy the food and entertainment in the restaurants.
High school and university students are recruited as contemporary dancers whereas only professional singers are allowed to perform on the stage. Every dancer can get more than 20 US dollar for every performance, the amount which is considered high in Indonesia.
"Double Happines," one of the restaurants in Surabaya city of Indonesia that incorporates food and entertainment program can fill all its fifty tables with corporate customers.
Through this kind of program, gourmet tourism will not only rely on the taste of the food and experienced chef but also in mixing food and entertainment.

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