Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sharp Introduces New OnEnergy Solar System

Long Beach, CA, USA

Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group, the U.S. solar arm of Sharp Corporation, the world's leading provider of solar electric solutions, today introduced its breakthrough OnEnergy™ solar system, which uses UL-listed integrated grounding designed to make system installation simpler and more cost-effective. ³We wanted to provide Sharp integrators, installers and other customers with the most streamlined solar system available ­ one that is visually appealing and easier to install,² said Ron Kenedi, vice president, Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group.

"The OnEnergy Solar System delivers the ease, aesthetics and simplicity that our customers value. Sharp is committed to delivering high quality, innovative, easy-to-install PV products that help accelerate the wider deployment of solar electricity."

Sharp's OnEnergy solar system features UL-listed, rail-by-rail integrated grounding, eliminating the need for connecting a ground wire from module to module throughout the entire array. This feature reduces the most labor-intensive aspects of installing a solar photovoltaic system. OnEnergy solar systems offer pre-cut, pre-drilled racks, fewer rails and mounting hardware ­ and require less ground lugs and copper wiring. Every component can be easily assembled, using one socket for roof lags and another socket for bolts, reducing overall system costs by cutting installation time.

The company says the Sharp's OnEnergy solar system is more than just intelligently designed hardware ­ it's an intelligently designed system. Using internet-based CAD (computer aided design) software, installers can design, customize, confirm and then simply click to order their solar power system. These technological breakthroughs will help installers deploy systems more rapidly and efficiently.

Sharp is the world's leading solar manufacturer. Since 2002, Sharp has shipped more than 200 MW of solar modules for solar arrays throughout the U.S. The company's longstanding commitment to quality photovoltaic products and performance has made it the global leader in the solar market. Sharp also is the U.S. market leader and maintains solar panel assembly operations at its manufacturing facility in Memphis, Tennessee. The solar manufacturing facility assembles a variety of panels for residential and commercial installations.


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