Saturday, November 14, 2009

Propeller and Ship Propulsion

I have written a number of articles related to resistance and propulsion of ship especially in relation to the design of marine screw propellers. You can see them at labels Marine Propeler and Resistance of Ship that you can see on the left column of this blog. Please, click the following links to read each of them. In the design of marine screw propeller, the first thing that naval architects must perform is carrying out resistance calculation. After obtaining the effective power and speed curve the next step is doing the forward calculation to obtain delivered power, shaft power and finally the brake power. The calculation will then be continued backward using the real break power (in kilowatt or horse power) obtained from the engine's brochure to obtain the shaft power and delivered horse power by considering the losses in gear box, shaft bearings, stern tube and bossing. When these have been done, the next step is executing the propeller design calculation.

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