Monday, November 16, 2009

Naval Architecture Books

While I was still studying naval architecture in Ambon city of the Maluku islands of Indonesia, I photocopied a number of ship theory books from the library of our faculty. These books might not be available anymore because they were published between 1950s and 1970s. If they are still being published. their contents might have been edited to adapt with the latest improvement in shipbuilding technology. Because most of our lecturers studied naval architecture and marine engineering in Russia during 1960s, the books that they used to teach us were written by Russian naval scientists. I still remember their titles. For ship theory, we used Statics and Dynamics of the Ships.
Here are naval architecture books that I have at this moment.
Introduction to Naval Architecture; E.C. Tupper- Elsevier; 2004
Ship Stability for Masters and Mates fifth edition; Captain D.R. Derrett, Revised by Dr.C.B. Barrass - Butterworth Heinemann; 1999
Maritime Engineering Reference Books
  • Volume 1 Hydrostatics and Strength; KJ Rawson; EC Tupper 2001 - Butterworth Heinemann
  • Volume 2 Ship Dynamics and Design; KJ Rawson; EC Tupper 2001 - Butterworth Heinemann
Basic Principles of Ship Propulsion - MAN Diesel A/S, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Boatowner's Illustrated Electrical Handbook
Controllable Pitch Propeller - MAN Diesel A/S, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Fishing Boat Construction: 2 Building a fiberglass fishing boat
A conceptual design of a fiber reinforced plastic fishing boat for traditional fisheries in malaysia
Fuel and Financial Savings for operators of small fishing vessels
Guide to Ship Repair Estimates (in Man Hours); Don Butler - Butterworth Heinemann; 2000
Added Masses of Ship Structures by Alexandr I Korotkin - Springer
Man on the Ocean; R.M. Ballantyne (edisi html)
Marine Design - Rhinoceros Advanced Training Series; 2003
Marine Structural Design; Yong Bai - Elsevier; 2003
Ship Design and Construction; written by a group of authorities - editor Robert Taggart - SNAME; 1980
Ship Design for Efficiency and Economy second edition; H. Sneekluth and V. Bertram - Butterworth Heinemann; 1998
Ship Handling Theory and Practice; D.J. House - Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann; 2007
Shipbuilding Technology; V.K. Dormidontov and friends, translated by J.H. Dixon - Mir Publisher 1966
Ship Hydrostatic and Stability; A.B. Biran - Butterworth Heinemann; 2003
Ships and Science - The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1800; Larrie D. Ferreiro; The MIT Press; 2007
Fishing Boat Design: 2 V-bottom boats of planked plywood construction; FAO Rome 2004
You may ask where to get these books. If you want to buy them, you can go to but there are many of them which you can download from
Rules for ship and boat construction which can be downloaded from American Bureau of Shipping website
ABS Guide for Building and Classing Offshore Racing Yacht 1994
ABS Rules for Building and Classing Reinforced Plastic Vessels 1978
ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels 2009; Part 3 Hull Construction and Equipment

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