Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hydrostatics and Stability

Ship’s hydrostatics and stability are the first subjects which students in naval architecture study before they deal with other subjects such as resistance and propulsion, ship’s strength and ship design.
Naval architecture is art and science of ship design and construction. In dealing with hydrostatic properties of ships, naval architects have to use mathematical approaches that are not exact calculations especially in determining the area of waterplane, the displacement of the ship and the position of the center of buoyancy and center-gravity of the ship.

Although naval architecture is not an exact science, it is a science. It is one of the most complicated yet fascinating engineering fields that demand every person involved in these subjects to have high proficiency in mathematics. The number of articles related to hydrostatics and stability on this blog, if you want to read, check them at  label Ship Stability of this blog. posts are still growing. So, if you find that the topics that you are looking for are not available, please come back again next time.

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