Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Website address for Orchids of Papua

by Charles Roring
Papua has many species of orchids. Collectors from big cities in Java always order Papuan orchids for their gardens. No wonder the price of a pot of orchid is expensive. People begin to grow orchid hoping that they can get some market share in orchid trading.
acampe lindley, one of the orchid species in Papua island

While I was sitting here typing on my computer, a student from Papua University came to my bookstore and asked if I sell flower books. I stopped typing and switch to my POS database. I typed tanaman hias, the Indonesian term for decorated plants. After pressing Enter, the computer showed a list of books on tanaman hias. I then stood up and showed her the shelf where the books were displayed.
She took some but could not get what she was looking for. She said, " I am looking for flower books that have latin names especially for local Papuan flowers."
"Well, I don't think I sell them. Why don't you search for them in the internet?" I asked her.
She replied, "Well, even if I find some books, they may not contain explanation about local flowers."
"I think I know a website about Papuan flower. Wait for a moment, I will show it to you." Then, I open Papua folder in my hard disk and I locate the which I had saved previously. She thanked me for informing her the website. After receiving the web address, she left my bookstore with a wide smile. I hope that she can finish her course work easily now.
Yeah, that's how I run my bookstore. Sometimes, when my customers cannot find books that they are looking for in my bookstore, I have to help them by providing wish list form, showing web sites or even giving some e-books that I had downloaded from the internet. These services are given for free.

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