Sunday, August 3, 2008

Choose jamu or herbal tonic without any side effects

Author: M. Wuryaning Setyawati
Dr. Ir. Ahkam Subroto, M.App.Sc., APU
Price: Rp. 30,000 (3,3 US dollars)
Size: 13,7 x 21 cm (5,37 x 8.2 inches)
Publisher: PT. Elex Media Komputindo
The writing of this book has been a moral responsibility to give service to public readers. The writers want to share their experiences running the jamu or herbal tonic business based on scientific consideration. Besides it can be accepted by medical communities, it is hoped that this approach can convince the general public about the merit of herbal medicines.
We hope that the public will not hesitate to enjoy jamu and take advantage of the usefulness of this Indonesian medicine in curing various kinds of the diseases.
It is also hoped that one day hospitals in Indonesia and around the world will provide jamu and other herbal medicines as alternative selection in curing patients.

About the Authors:
Ms. Wuryaning Setyawati (also known as Ning Harmanto) gives consultation and hypnotherapyin her herbal clinic. Her patients come from such various countries as the United States, Europe, Australia and a number of Asian countries. She is the President Director of PT. Mahkotadewa Indonesia. The company produces medicinal herbs.
Dr. Ir. Ahkam Subroto won the best young researcher award from Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia in 1997. He has written more than 70 scientific writings published in various journals and presented in many seminars both nationally and internationally.
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