Friday, August 22, 2008

Underwater Volcano of Siau, a challenging scuba diving site

by Charles Roring
Bunaken marine park is a world class diving site in North Sulawesi. Every year thousands of scuba divers visit and dive to enjoy the beauty of its coral reef. Recent studies have shown that the diving sites in Bunaken have been saturated both by the number of annual diving and also by the number of dive operators. Researchers then recommend sites other than Bunaken which are also attractive and worth visit.
In addition to Bunaken, there are diving sites along Lembeh Straits, and Bentenan islets. Until now, there is only one dive operator in Bentenan. Its name is Bentenan Beach Resort. Bentenan is located on the other side of North Sulawesi peninsula. Therefore, investors who are interested in opening diving centers can put Bentenan islets in their list. Other locations which are further away from Bunaken and Lembeh are Siau, Mahoro, Pahepa, and Makalehi island. Between Siau and Sangihe islands there is underwater volcano which is beautiful but needs careful diving. If you are interested in scuba diving in this site, you need to bring suitable wet suit, and equipment for that purpose. You also need to make an arragement with one of the diving centers or operators in North Sulawesi. The cheapest way is to go there with other scuba divers who are interested in diving in that underwater volcano. As the volcano is still active you will feel that the sand is hot with bubbles coming out of the ground. The scuba divers must also take serious precautions on fire corals.
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