Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dive Center for Manokwari Wrecks

by Charles Roring, a Manokwari travel writer and tourist guide
Wrecks of Manokwari are considered as the best wreck diving site in Indonesia. The wreck diving package for this bay is offered by dive operators abroad. There are not any diving centers in this town yet. Perhaps, you are interested in opening a dive center in Manokwari. I can help you by giving advice, connecting you with people who know how to run an eco-tourism project and other things related to administrative matters. Provincial tourism board did not realize that wreck diving can give better contribution to the economy of local community living along the beach of Manokwari bay.
During World War II or the Pacific War, this little town became the battle ground between the allied forces and the Japanese forces. Many Japanese ships were sunk in the Dore bay. There are twenty wrecks but only six of them that can be dived on.
 As a tourist guide, I have accompanied tourists snorkeling around the bay and I know places where the corals are still in good condition. So, your diving or snorkeling trip in Manokwari will be more efficient.  If you are interested in coming to Manokwari, you can contact me. I will show you around the coral park in the bay and also bring you to the rainforest of the Table Mountain to watch birds, explore caves and photograph bats.
Ship and airplane wrecks are scattered around the bay. There are two or three sites that located outside the bay. These diving sites have been intact for years. The biggest one, is located behind Mansinam island. Its name is Shinwa Maru, a 120 meter length cargo ship with five holds.
If you want to come to Manokwari and intend to stay in an affordable inn then I should recommend the Kagum Inn. Its operational manager is Ivanna Roring. She can be contacted through her mobile phone at: +62 81 283 07 331. The rate of the room per night is between 15 and 18 US dollars depending on the size of the room. Indonesian styled breakfast is served for all guests.

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