Thursday, January 15, 2009

A good book for home owner, designer and builder

I just downloaded a book tonight. Its title is Your Green Home - A Guide to Planning a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly New Home.

The phrase new home is not intended only to newly built house but to any house which needs to be re-constructed or modified to be a green home.

I am planning to build my own house and I have been looking for information that is related to sustainable house construction. When I was surfing the e-book websites, I found this book. I haven't read all the pages of the book but I can say that the content is suitable for my needs.

The followings are the topics discussed in the book:


Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: So YouWant to Build a Green Home

CHAPTER 2: Finding the Help You Need
CHAPTER 3: Where to Build

CHAPTER 4: General Issues in House Design

CHAPTER 5: The Structural Building System
CHAPTER 6: Energy Efficient Design

CHAPTER 7: Making Use of Renewable Energy

CHAPTER 8: Materials and Products for Green Building
CHAPTER 9: Creating a Safe Indoor Environment
CHAPTER 10: Respecting and ConservingWater

CHAPTER 11: Dealing with ConstructionWaste

CHAPTER 12: Landscaping and Plantings
CHAPTER 13: Costs of Building Green
CHAPTER 14: Living in Your Green Home

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