Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Diving In Milne Bay of Papua New Guinea

Diving in the Pacific islands has been a dream of every professional diver around the world. The tropical waters of Pacific islands have a lot of beautiful and pristine coral reefs. In Eastern Indonesia, there are dive sites in Raja Ampat islands, Bunaken, Cendrawasih bay. At the north of West Papua, divers can enjoy the clear water and colorful coral reef of Palau, together with numerous shipwrecks from US Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy.
Marine Life in Manem island of Cendrawasih Bay of West Papua
In Papua New Guinea, Milne bay is my recommendation. This is one of the best kept secrets dive sites which recreational scuba divers should visit. If you haven't visited this dive site, I suggest that you to put it on your list. The coral reef there is unspoiled and full of various marine animals.
Besides enjoying the beauty of the underwater world, you can also see the unique life and culture of Papuan coastal villagers who catch fish using traditional fishing gear. They also practice certain fishing method that is interesting to see. Why don't you escape for a while from your daily routine and fly to Tawali resort? You will not regret diving and enjoying the nature of Papua New Guinea. Once you have visited the region, you will feel that you have to comeback again next time. by Charles Roring

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