Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coral Reef and Beach Clean Up Activity

Coral reef that is located near coastal town and cities always face destructions due to the marine pollution. On shore human activities that produce domestic and industrial wastes often end-up at sea and damage the coral reef ecology.


To minimize the destruction of coral reef, scuba diving communities frequently voluntarily conduct under water clean up. As a matter of fact the cleaning up of coral reef is not only the responsibility of divers. Everybody who is concern about the environment can participate in this campaign.

It is understandable that the cleaning up of coral reef that is located more than three meters underwater has to be handled by diving professionals who have the skills and expertise to do works underwater. However, there is still a lot of garbage scattered along the beach. City or town dwellers can organize the cleaning up events every two or three months. When doing the clean up, volunteers should not step on or touch coral. They should also not harass marine fish that live among the corals.

After collecting the wastes, they need to sort them into containers according to the categories of the wastes. These wastes can then be recycled, incinerated, or buried in locations that will not harm the marine environment anymore.

Those who are involved in marine tourism activities can play a leading role in the cleaning up of the beach. Marine tourism operators are the ones who will be directly affected if the beach is polluted.


Coral reef is important to the marine environment. So far there are 93,000 coral reef species which have already been identified. Some experts have even predicted that there are more than 3 million reef species.

Regular beach clean up will not only bring positive impacts to the coral reef ecology but also to the whole environment. by Charles Roring in West Papua Indonesia

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