Friday, October 17, 2008

Practices of Beach hotels that may potential harm coral reefs environment

by Charles Roring
Marine tourism cannot be separated from beach hotels, diving resorts, and other construction built along to the coastal area. These buildings pose potential threats to coral reefs environment. The building of beach hotels and homes can cause erosion and increase sediments. In addition, the dumping of wastes by people who live or work in those buildings, if not properly treated, will influence the seawater quality.
Most of the liquid wastes from beach hotels are related to sanitation activities. These include sewage, and washing water. Many hotels still use detergents which contain phosphate. This substance is a kind of nutrient that will trigger the rapid growth of marine plants and sponges. This will block out the sunlight which is essentially needed by coral reefs.
Coral reefs can live well in a very low levels of nutrients. In other words, coral reefs need clear water and sunlight to grow well.
Therefore, people who work in beach hotels or live homes must install sewage treatment facilities and use phosphate free detergent. Beach hotels, lodging and homes have to be built away from the beach and coast. Wastes from these buildings must also be properly disposed so that they will not harm the coral reefs.

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