Monday, October 6, 2008

Diver need to buy insurance policy

by Charles Roring
Scuba diving is a fun underwater sport. It is relatively safe if divers always follow the recommended rules and regulations. However, divers are advised to buy insurance policy which will protect them from any loss. Insurance is not only for the divers but also for their survivors.
Anyone who dives might face accident both above and underwater.  If you are one of the divers, the insurance policy that you buy must provide the following minimum liability coverage:
• Certain amount of financial compensation for death or injury
• Medical expense coverage
Buying a life insurance may not be a profitable investment if compared to other investment schemes.  If what you want is pure return for your investment, you can look for other investment schemes which are more lucrative.  The primary function of insurance is not as an investment but as a protection.
High pressure and strong currents which a diver experiences among the colorful coral reef may cause accident.  Sea animals such as sharks, and sting ray fish may attack and cause fatal injury or death to a diver.
So, don't only think the return on investment for an insurance policy that you have bought.  At least, when you dive, your life insurance provides:
• Protection for your dependents or survivors
• Peace of mind for you and your dependents
Insurance is not only for inexperienced diver but also for experienced one. Accident at sea is an unpredictable incident. By buying life insurance or dive insurance, we will be able to enjoy the beauty of coral reef and at the same time involve in marine conservation works that are now part of our daily life.

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