Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beach Hotels and Dive Resort Must Provide Educational Materials on Coral Reef Conservation

by Charles Roring
Coral reefs around the world are worth US $ 375 billion in goods and services (Status of Coral Reefs of the World, 2002). One of the services that are related to coral reefs is diving.
Recreational diving, if well managed, can give significant contribution to coral reefs conservation efforts. Tourists who come to dive should be informed about how important coral reefs are for the survivability of marine ecosystems. The information in the form of booklet or newsletter can be provided in every cottage or bedroom where the divers stay. In addition, webmasters of the resorts or beach hotels must also provide articles about coral reefs in their websites.
Dive centers must train their dive guides so that they can guide their guests properly. Before entering the sea water, recreational divers must be informed about such matters as neutral buoyancy and the principles of eco-diving that respect and protect coral reefs and sea animals.
Snorkeling and diving and other marine recreational activities can be good to the environment if the people who conduct them know the importance of marine conservation.
Marine tourism industry generates billions of dollars every year. Such a huge amount of money should also be allocated to the protection of marine environment through the providence of educational materials, clean up projects and coral reefs implantations.  The coral reefs conservation campaigns should not only be restricted to people who are involved in marine related activities but also every human being who is living on this planet. Everybody should give his or her contribution in reducing the global warming. Global warming is the major causal factor of recent deaths of coral reefs. When the temperature of sea water increases, more coral reefs die.
We can reduce the coral beaching by changing our living habit. We can go to work riding bicycles, walk and by public transportation. The less carbon dioxide we emit, the more coral reefs can be saved from beaching. So, it is the responsibility of every member of this planet to restore this environment.

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